Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Romantic Novelist Katie Fforde

L-R: Me, Katie Fforde, Mum AKA Rose
A week ago today I took Mum out for her Surprise Mothers Day Treat, attending a Talk by the Romantic Novelist Katie Fforde & meeting her briefly whilst she signed her latest Novel Summer of Love that I'd bought Mum.

During her talk Katie told us how she's always on the look out for interesting jobs for her heroin characters to have, I was tempted to put my hand up & tell her what I did but it was a little daunting, especially as it's a new concept for a lot of people who still refer to what I do as being a "Gifted Psychic".

Yesterday I decided to email her & this morning I woke up to a lovely reply...

An animal communicator is exactly the sort of job I might put in a book. You can just imagine the hero, with a difficult animal, meeting the girl who can help him with it, and gradually converting him to the idea.

When I find I need this kind of thing I will get in touch!  It will go on my list of professions. Thank you!
I would love to work alongside Katie helping her with her research! :)