Thursday, 14 July 2011

One FREE Question!

This week I posted on Face Book & Twitter to ask my followers if they had one question for their pet what would it be. I then invited people to send me a photo of their pet and their question. I communicated with these lovely animals and sent the response to their owners. Here's what the animals & their owners had to say...

First feelings I got on Daisy

A proper little personality, a bit cheeky & knows what she wants. She says she’s female (her owner wasn't sure) & she’s a bit shirty when I ask! Very loving too though, maybe quite manipulative as she can read others & knows how to act to get what she wants. The leader of the group – so she says.

Question for Daisy
Are you happy?

Daisy's Answer
She shows me an image of them waddling round the garden as if surveying their land. She likes the fact that it’s their garden & they know their boundries. I get an image of Corey (Mandy's son) trying to catch them & them running away but they’re not scared. She said maybe a bit more water would be nice. She is showing me flapping her wings quite a lot – not sure if this is something she does to show her authority.

Mandy's comments 
Hi gem that was brill thanks, Daisy was spot on she's just confused me with the water cause she won't go in it!! Maybe she wants more water so she only has to put her head over the side!! Lazy monkey.

First feelings I got on Angelino

Very deep & wise. Soft natured & quiet. Loving & gentle but a quiet leader. A lot to teach those around him. A feminine quality to him & he prefers the name Angelino as it is masculine & feminine.

Question for Angelino

Who is this baby? And why did he come to me now?

Angelino's Answer
She needed me, without knowing it she did but Rico (Margy's cat in Spirit) guided my Mum to her. My Mum knew this was the home for me but she had to be certain & that’s why she returned. She knows I am in good hands & she knows I will help this lady. Margy has a lot of love to give and had given up. We have much to do together and we will help many people and animals.

Margy's comments 
Oh Gemma, how sweet!!!  That little Angelino is a doll and to hear 'his story' and how and why he came here is just too much fun and also it reaches my heart in a very special way .... because 'yes' I had given up & was surprised when this tiny cat came to live with me!!

Keep an eye out on Face Book and Twitter as I'll be offering you all One FREE Question again soon!