Thursday, 19 April 2012

An unbreakable bond between wo(man) & dog.. a heartwarming story from Tessa

Connie & Phoebe
Connie was my original Flatcoat. I adored her and she was with me through thick and thin in my life.  She died aged 8 of cancer. I knew she was very ill, just because I knew her so well, but to the outside world you would never have known. Connie knew she was dying and she met her passing with such dignity and faith but her passing broke my heart. My consolation was Phoebe though who was her only daughter (she had had 8 pups - 7 dogs and Phoebe who needless to say I kept!) and Phoebe became my rock. Connie and Phoebe had been inseperable and after Connie died, I just knew in my heart of hearts that Phoebe would also pass just to be with her mum. She did - 14 months later of a gastric torsion aged 6. My world fell apart. I always thought of them both as one soul - a soul that had perhaps divided which can happen. They complimented each other, they were as one and after Phoebe died, I knew they were together as one again.   

I ticked along day in and day out, and had wee Tess (Rob's working collie who has now retired) to pour my love out on. She is a delightful, loyal and loving dog, but throughout all this and to this day, my Girls were and are always by my side - they walk with me and are my inspiration and guides for my work.

Well, here is the magical and spiritual part of it all. On the 2nd anniversary of Connie's passing, and 10 months after Phoebe passed, I was feeling very sad and opened up my e mails to find one from the couple who had had Monty - one of Connie's other pups, to say he was about to become a father and did I want a Connie Grandpup!! Well, they had no idea of the huge significance of the day.....some things are just meant to be... and Fleur came into our lives. Fleur IS Connie and Phoebe.  It is uncanny but unless you knew them both, you couldn't ever know.  Fleur is delightful and from the moment she walked into my life, I knew that Connie and Phoebe had been sent to me for a reason.  I thank them every day for my wonderful gift.

Who says spirit is not there!!

Tessa x

Testimonial - Rachel & Malley

The beautiful Malley
If you are an animal lover and have a pet you need to contact this lady. She is amazing. I met Gemma Blackwell a while ago and was fascinated by what she does but today I found out first hand what an incredible difference she can make to you and your animals lives when she came and helped me communicate with my cat Malley. Incredible.... You need to book her time before she gets too busy!