Thursday, 7 June 2012

My first ever communication with a wild bird.. & rescue mission!

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Wow what a magical evening I've been having! Ben just got home & I rambled on at him like an excited toddler telling her Mum about meeting Father Christmas! So now I'll ramble at you!

Well this evening my lovely little cat Franny brought home this gorgeous little bird, I'm sure it's the same one she brought back at the same time last night that Ben rescued from her & released!

As she sat there over it in the hallway growling at my other cat Fingles I was frozen - Ben always deals with this sort of stuff & he wasn't around! I don't handle wild animals... the thought of handling a bird or mouse dead or alive frightens the life out of me.. "But you're an animal communicator" I hear you say! I know, doesn't make sense does it! But I usually deal with domesitcated animals not wild, unpredictable ones.

I decided to lock the cats in the kitchen & leave the bird to catch it's breathe & when Ben got home he could deal with it. I went to sit back down & deal with my emails but something was eating at me, a little voice saying "But you're an animal communicator, you're a healer, why aren't you helping this little one". I couldn't ignore this voice, it was talking sense. I needed to stop giving into Fear.. my fear of a tiny bird! I know.. mad!

So I went & sat with the bird, I explained that I was a little scared & my little birdy friend thought it was hilarious that I was scared of him! I placed my hand behind him & gave him Reiki healing. As I felt my hand warm up I heard the bird say "Oh that's nice, it's warm". I asked the bird where it hurt most & he said "My left wing" so I concentrated on that area. Every so often he would open his mouth, it felt like he was releasing the pain. I also sat & got present to calm him down & watched his erratic breathing calm down with mine, we were helping each other find peace with this situation.

He kept checking my hand was still there by looking round & I'd reassure him that I was still there & the cats were locked out. As my hands got cold I stopped giving him healing & asked if he would like to be left alone & he said "No, I'll be scared on my own", I asked a couple of times & in the meantime filled a shell with water, as he kept opening his mouth & I just 'felt' my friend needed water for the shock. Finally my little friend said I could go & leave him in peace to recover in quiet. I told my friend to let out a 'chirp' when he wanted me back to help.

About 15-20 minutes later I heard the 'chirp' & found my friend in the spare room so the little one had definitely recovered! I told him that I was too scared to pick him up so I'd get a box & he had to jump in. Well he looked at the box & with some coaxing jumped out again. I was hoping to avoid this.. touching the bird! Suddenly I forgot that this little one needed my help & gave into my fear, then something took over. I decided to man up & pick up the bird, it took a few attempts as birdy squeeked at me & flapped around but after a few attempts I got him in the box. He felt so fragile I was afraid of hurting him even more. Before I got him in the box I asked him to pose for a photo & he tried a few angles & finally found his best side which I've shared with you.. what a beauty & what a character!

I walked across the road to the big oak tree & offered him a branch, he hopped on, then onto the next & then another until he flew into the hedgerow. I felt quite emotional seeing my little friend fly to freedom & felt honoured to have shared this special time with him. I know I helped him but he helped me too.

When you see a bird in the sky remember he is an individual, he has a character & feelings, just like every other living creature on the planet.

Gem x