Monday, 21 June 2010

Marv's tail

Owners feedback in red

1. How do you feel physically?
I see him flap his wings strongly & he says “As fit as a fiddle”.

- Nice, he’s never been ill and is always alert.

2. How do you feel physically when you fly?

“I’m weightless as I glide”. I ask if it gives him enjoyment & he says “Of course, it’s what I’m built for”. I asked as a pet does he get enough opportunity to fly & he says “Yes, I’m not caged up, I’ve got my freedom”.

- He’s always out daily. Erina loves to walk around with him on her head.

3. How do you feel emotionally?

“I’m happy & care free”.

- Ah good, he does come across as a very contented Cockatiel.

4. What’s your character like?

“I’m funny – I always crack jokes”. “I’m loving & playful” “I’m a real performer”. I ask him how he’s a performer & he says “I dance”. I feel myself want to duck my head up & down & move side to side & it makes me laugh. He continues “I like to dance & like to sing, I sing along to the telly, I could be on X Factor!” I ask him “So you’re good?” & he replies “Oh the best, you just ask Erina”. I ask if they dance together & he says “Yes she dances around & I show her my moves”.”Our house is full of fun”.

- Marv likes to ‘wolf whistle’ and he tries to whistle ‘Puppy Power’ from Scooby-Doo.

Erina is always dancing and singing around Marv in the conservatory.

5. What’s your favourite food?

“Potato skin & pumpkin seeds”.

- We’ve never given him potato skins* and I don’t think pumpkin seeds are in his mix. Maybe we’ll try him on some.

6. How do you feel with people?

women – “They feed me & look after me – carers”.

men – “They’re playful & funny”.

children – “They’re the funniest of them all & they join in”.

- Get in there.
7. I repeated your name to get his reaction

“Ha ha he’s hysterical, he makes me laugh all the time”.

- Brilliant

8. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to Martin?

“Just to keep on laughing & enjoy life”.

- Thanks.

9. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?

“You can tell them to play more music, I love to dance”.
“More potato!”

- OK, more music it is! We will try him on potato, see how he likes it.
About a week after the communication Martin emailed me to say his partner Becky had just gave Marv some potato & he went mental for it!!

10. Tell me something only you & Martin would know

“I like to hop around like a kangaroo – it makes them all laugh and I hang upside down & swing forward & backward”. “I like to bob my head to the music”.

- He doesn’t do any of that but he does run around in the bottom of his cage when he’s hungry though.

11. What’s your favourite song?

“I like Rock, they say I rock out”.

- Maybe he likes Rock music when it’s on the radio? As I don’t have any rock music.

12. Martin wants to know are you definitely male?

“Of course I am, look at me”.

- Yeah, we’ve always thought he was.

Marv came across as very happy and confident within himself. He’s full of love for life & his family.

- We’re glad he’s happy!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

13 cats looking for new homes - HELP!


As you may or may not know I volunteer for the Hereford RSPCA Branch. We've just had a big intake of cats looking for new homes. If you think you or someone you know could offer a loving home to one of these cats or any other animal that's in our care take a look at our website:

Our 'Featured Pet' this week is Tilly, a 5 year old Lurcher who is well & truly fed up with kennel life & just wants a loving new home.

Gem x

Monday, 7 June 2010

Paddy's tail

Owners feedback in red

How do you feel physically?
“My back legs give me some gyp sometimes, but it’s nothing serious – just old age!”

I guess he is a bit 'creaky' now but nothing too serious that I have noticed! I will take note though....and maybe up his joint aid....

2. How do you feel physically when you run?

“Oh I have the wind in my hair, I love the beach most.” I see him looking so graceful, galloping along the beach with not a care in the World.

Yes he does love to 'go' but I dont think he has ever been to the beach

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?

“I’m a bit tired these days but that’s to be expected.”


4. How do you feel physically after eating?

“I get a knot in my stomach sometimes but it soon goes away”.

Yes, he does eat more slowly nowadays, despite having his teeth regularly done, but food is his great love!

5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?

“I can be a joker but I love my cuddles.”

Yes, he will stand being loved for ages and ages!

6. Do you like to play?

“Oh yes”. I see him kicking a ball with his front legs. He also says “I like to talk to people when they walk past my stable”. I see him making a funny face with his lips & moving his head up & down rapidly.

Not sure about this one - he hardly ever goes in a stable now as he gets a stable cough and hates being in there - if he is in, he spend all day/or night just standing looking over the door not moving and wishing he was in the field!

7. What do you find fun?

“Trying to knock my hay bag off the hook”. I see him nudging it with his head – the bag is suspended quite high from a hook in the far right corner of his stable (looking from the door).
As above, although, knowing Pads, IF he were in a stable, he would probably do that!

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?

“Around my mane & the back of my ears”.

Loves his mane being stroked but not his ears - think he had been twitched by the ears in Ireland as a baby - he has a big scar on the base of one of his ears.

9. How do you feel about other horses?

“Oh I like them, I’m quite the sociable chap”.


10. How do you feel with people?

women – “I love them, they smell sweet, I like to sniff them”.

men – “They’re better at grooming as they’re rougher & hit the spot!”

children – “I like to teach them – I’m a good teacher”.

Probably quite true - he is so sweet with a little 3 years old girl who loves to sit on his back and walk around. He is so good with children although can be strong and fast when he wants

11. I repeated your name to get his reaction

He nays & moves his head up & down, he also trots up & down excitedly on his front hooves. He’s playful & excited!

Really good to hear! He always looks for me and waits for me to talk to him...

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?

“Just that I’ve loved my life with them”.

Phew! Pads has been with us for a long long time!

13. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?

“I want to be ridden more”. He thought long & hard about this one as I didn’t get an answer straight away. But when he said it he was quite certain.

Probably true - I ride him anything from once to four times a week now and the other day I took him with a friend in the trailer for a long ride somewhere totally different - he LOVED it and obviously remembered when we used to hunt all day, and go all over the place riding......he was like a five year old (bit tired next day!!)

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know

“When we ride I like to do a funny dance with my front legs – we laugh every time”.

Not sure on this one but we do certainly have a laugh!
“I like carrots & cucumber”.
Carrots DEFINITELY but not sure about cucumber - will try him tonight!

Badgers tail

Owners feedback in red as always!

1. How do you feel physically?
“I’m ok, I get a bit achy in the back end sometimes”
Yes he does walk stiffly after a long sleep

2. How do you feel physically when you run?
“Oh I feel alive & free” I see him sprinting & leaping for flies/ butterflies?
He leaps and jumps for treats
NB: This is a typical case of say as you see - I elaborated the flies/ butterflies part as I assumed that's what he was leaping for - one rule of communicating is never assume!

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I have to have a good old stretch before starting the day”
I see him arch his back & stretch out.
That’s true

4. How do you feel physically after eating?
“Oh I feel full & content”
Well he eats enough!

5. How do you feel emotionally?
“I’m a real thinker but I’m loving. I like to tease & trick people”. I ask how he tricks people & he says “I like to hide behind a door & pounce – gets them every time”.
He hides behind the door and jumps out on the dog, often hanging off his back end

6. What’s your character like?
“I’m a lover, not a fighter & I’m a thinker”
Yes he doesn’t fight much and being a “thinker” could be code for lying there not doing much

7. What do you enjoy doing?
“Batting stuff” I also see him batting something above him.
I think we’re back on the treats here!

8. What do you do all day?
“Cat stuff – I go here, I go there, I sleep – a lot!”
He certainly does

9. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
I see him being stroked all down his spine & he really enjoys it when you get to his tail, it goes up.
Spot on

10. How do you feel about other cats?
I see him batting them & he says “Oh they get on my nerves”. I ask why & he says “I like to be the only one”. The evidence would point that way, if he ever encounter another cat ( or dog apart from Bracken) he is most unfriendly

11. How do you feel with people?
women – I see him weaving around their legs & looking up lovingly.
men – He simply says “The same”.
children – “They’re ok, the older the better!”
he does seem to follow Lucy and I more than the men – maybe we’re a softer touch with the treats

12. I repeated your name to get his reaction
I see him giving ‘cat kisses’ – blinking very slowly.
I think I’m his favourite

13. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Just trust & warmth”
That’s nice

14. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?
“I don’t think so, I’m quite content”.
I’m pleased because we do tease him a bit verbally.

15. Why sometimes do you shout & shout at your family for no apparent reason?
“I just like talking - sometimes more than others – like humans!” I ask him what he’s saying & he says “I’m usually asking for food or attention”
Yes in the last few weeks we have stopped assuming that all his shouting is for food and have started responding with a stroke and a tickle instead. It seems to dot he trick and his waistline is improving

16. Tell me something only you & your human would know
“I like to snuggle up to them on the sofa sometimes – not all the time though”
Yes he will snuggle up alongside but rarely will sit on laps, he seems to like to contact without feeling controlled
“I like to bat hair bobbles” I also see him doing this.
He plays with Lucys hair ornaments
He then simply says “Mice are my favourite!”
Yeah he brings a lot home, closely followed by rabbits which are a treat he brings for Bracken (the dog)

How Badger came across to me during our communication:

Badger is not a complicated cat. He wasn’t very chatty during our conversation & was ‘to the point’ in his answers (I think I got more out of it than him), he seems comfortable in his own skin, happy & easy going. He has simple pleasures & he’s a loving boy when HE wants to be.
That’s a very consistent summary with the Badger we know!