Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bracken's tail

Owners feedback in red

1.       How do you feel physically?
“A bit achey in the bones but other than that I’m fine”
        Yes I think that’s true from the way he now gets out of his bed

2.       How do you feel physically when you run?
I see him bounding along for a bit then stops & looks back – he repeats this with excitement but he’s not that fast. He’s bounding along in a sort of slow paced gallop.  
        He does lope along, more slowly now he’s older.

3.       How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
I see him stretch his front paws out from an oval bed – then slowly gets his back end up. He’s in no rush.
That’s exactly what he does – then sometimes sits down again

4.       How do you feel physically after eating?
No reason to disagree

5.       How do you feel emotionally?
“I’m happy but it’s not always been this way”. I ask why & he says “I wasn’t treated well at all”. I tell him that we will go into more detail about this later & I’ll find out some more, he’s fine with this.
We don’t know his history up until we rescued him when he was 18 months old but his behaviour indicates he had not been kindly treated.

6.       Describe your character to me
I see him lolloping along, not gracefully! He wants to make me laugh but not in a cheeky way. He’s just naturally a bit dopey & doesn’t realise how funny he is naturally. He seems a very sweet natured boy.
We call him our clown because he makes us smile so much and he has never ever exhibited any bad temper, I’ve always trusted him with the kids.

7.       Do you like to play?
He shows me sat in front of someone & they’re bouncing a small ball up & down in front of him.
Not sure about this.  He was always closer to my son who when younger spent many hours trying to getting to chase a ball – which he never has, he just watches it and then walks away.

8.       What do you enjoy doing?
“Sniffing & snooping”! I see him sniffing but not in a typical ‘Spaniel – on a mission” way – it’s slower & more random.
        Yes he definitely “sees” the world through his nose and does “range”  rather than work methodically.

9.       Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
“Under the chin & in my ears”.
Yes I knew about the chin, didn’t know about the ears but we will try it

10.   How do you feel about other dogs?
I imagine him with other dogs & he says “Get them away from me”.
That’s true; he is not comfortable with other dogs and ignores the ones he knows.  If we are out walking and meet other dogs in the woods, he will hide behind a tree until they have gone past.

11.   How do you feel with people?
women – I see him sat expectantly & then rolls over. This is done in a loving way.
men – I see him chasing his tail all excited.
children – “I want to teach them so I teach them through play”. I see him nudging with his nose, as if to give a nudge in the right direction.
We haven’t noticed him differentiating; he seems to treat everyone equally. However the comment about nudging is interesting.  If he wants our attention for something, he will tap us with his paw.

12.   I repeated your name to get his reaction
“She’s lovely & sweet, she cares for me”. I see him with his head cocked to one side. I can see the love in his eyes.
Oh he definitely will cock his head to the side when you are talking to him, especially if you mention walk, toast, breakfast or interestingly, cheese – see below.

13.   Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Just of love” – he says it in a relaxed but serious manner.
Yes I don’t see him as a frivolous dog, life is a serious business.

14.   Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?
“Just pass everything onto Rose, she’ll understand”

15.   Can you tell me anything about your life before Rose adopted you into her family?
I see him sat shaking & a man is whipping his back legs – a big man. Bracken is still trying to please him though. I ask him why this happened & he said “He didn’t understand why I did certain things”, sometimes I’d bark because I was scared & he’d beat me”. He didn’t seem to dwell on this & it doesn’t seem to affect him now. I explained that some people are ignorant & believe that humans are a higher species & can do what they want, when in actual fact we’re all equal. I told him some people are like this but not all. I explained that nothing like this would ever happen again whilst with this family. I asked him if he understood & he said “Oh yes I’m lucky to have found my family”.
That would explain his behaviour when we first got him and given the route by which we obtained him, yes he probably was lucky.

16.   What scares you?
“Cars & bikes mainly” (I believe he means motorbikes). I ask why & he said “Sometimes they’re out of control & can cause disasters”. I asked if he’d been part of a ‘disaster’ & he said “Yes, a while ago a car skidded right up close to me” – I see him cowering against a wall or bush & the car skidding & coming to a halt right up close to him. He said “It missed me by the skin of my teeth”. I asked if this still scares him & he said “Yes”. I then explain that most cars & bikes are in control and to be aware of traffic but not to let it scare him. He said “Yes, I’ll try”.
Actually he doesn’t seem to be traffic aware, so I’m not surprised if he has had a near miss

17.   Why do you get up so early?
“I get woken up by the cat – then she slinks off & I get blamed!”.
Yes that’s true most mornings (although the cat is a male).  They have a very close relationship that works to their mutual benefit.

18.   Tell me something only you & your human would know
“We share cheese sometimes”. I see Rose sat in a sofa chair & Bracken is sat waiting for his cheese. I ask him if this is a special time & he says “Oh yes, we love our cheese”.
I ask if there’s anything else & again he shows me sat in front of someone bouncing the small ball REALLY high & he’s bemused watching.
Absolutely, cheese is his overwhelming passion in life – he can smell the cheese box being opened at a hundred paces.  If he won’t come in at night, we just shout cheese and he appears like magic.

Thank you for this re-assuring portrait of our friend who has brought much humour – and quite a lot of mud – into our home.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Ozzy's tail

Feedback from Ozzy's owners Simon & Callie in red

1.       How do you feel physically?
“I’m ok, I’m getting a little rusty in places”. I question “rusty” & he replies “Things aren’t moving mechanically like they used to”. I ask if he’s referring to his joints & he says “Yes.
I recommended afterward to Callie to get his some glucosamine to help his joints, and look into supplements. I use ‘Healthy Direct’ for supplements & they have a pet range. http://www.healthydirect.com/petcare
(s) - He is a bit rusty after long walks or intense exercise
(c) - Ozzy definitely suffers from achy joints after a long walk or a good run....he can’t walk properly for a couple of days after.
 2.       How do you feel physically when you run?
“I’m alright, I’ve still got good movement”.
(s) - He is still a quick boy
(c) - He’s still very quick and his back legs still go faster than his front legs, he also has a full range of movement.
3.       How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I’m a little bit slower so I take my time, I can be sluggish”
(s) - He only moves for toast before 7am
(c) - We don’t often see him when he gets up from a long sleep as he sleeps while we’re out but he certainly likes to take his time to get up and about in the mornings.
4.       How do you feel physically after eating?
“My tummy feels full and I can feel quite nauseous” I queried the nausea and asked if it was anything to worry about & he replied “No I don’t think so, I’ve had it for some time now”
(s) - He will throw up after eating if he has a lot to drink straight after
(c) - Ever since we’ve had him he’s had a problem with being sick if he eats or drinks too soon after exercise and on a few occasions he’s eaten to the point of being sick.
5.       How do you feel emotionally?
“Oh I’m a happy boy, I’ve got all the love & care I need”.
(s) - True, a well loved boy
(c) - I’m glad to hear this as I’ve recently started a day job so Ozzy is home alone until about 3:30 and I was worried that he would feel left out and unloved. We always try to give him lots of fuss when we get back though.

6.       What’s your character like?
He shows me being sat & looking eager, I sense he’s eager to please. He also says “I can be cheeky”, I ask for another word to describe himself & he says simply “Loving”.
(s) - Cheeky is spot on, forever stealing little things and destroying  them. Really loving boy though
(c) - He is so very eager to please, he’s also very very cheeky at times. He is a very loving dog too, always wanting to be near and showing his love by licking and sitting on you.
 7.       Do you like to play?
“Oh yeah, I love to chase my ball”. I see him sat eager for an object to be thrown & then him legging it!
(s) - Eager to leg it but not to bring it back!
(c) - He has got to be the most playful dog I’ve ever met, he’s always up for a game. He loves chasing people, balls and lumps of mud! He especially loves play fighting with Simon.
8.       Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
I get an image of him turning with his back to me. I ask “Do you like it around the base of your tail area?” & he says “Yeah I love it to be scratched”. As I know Ozzy & know this is his FAVE area I ask if he has another ‘spot’ & I immediately see him roll over. I ask if he’s referring to his tummy & he says “Oooooh yes”.
(s) - Totally spot on
(c) - Yeah as you well know his bum is his favourite spot and he often shows his bum to people so they have no choice but to scratch it! He does also love a good belly scratch and often lies on his back when Simon is fighting with him so that Simon can stroke him.
9.       How do you feel about other dogs?
I see him running in a pack & he doesn’t seemed bothered by their presence.
(s) - He doesn’t bark at other dogs but isn’t over fussed by their presence or company
(c) - Ozzy was never socialized as a pup by his original owners as he was a drug dealers dog but we always kept him away from other dogs as when he’s on the lead, if a dog comes over to him and sniffs him, he doesn’t like it and will snap but while out walking he isn’t fussed at all by other dogs passing by, he doesn’t even glance at them. So I’d definitely say that he’s not bothered by them unless they come into his personal space.
10.   How do you feel with people?
women – I see him sitting patiently & he says “They’re sweet natured”.
men – “They’re the dominant ones in my eyes!”
children – “Oh I just love them, they’ve got so much energy” I see him bouncing up & down on his front paws in excitement.
(s) - Spot on
(c) - Very true, he comes to me for a cuddle. He goes to Simon for rough play and he’ll go to the kids when he’s in a mischievous mood and wants to play.
11.   I repeated your names to get his reaction
Simon – “I do what he says cos he’s the leader”
Callie – “She’s sweet to me”
Deryn – “He’s a wise young man”
Dylan – “He’s still playful” I see them playing & Dyl is on the floor with him giggling – there’s a lot of love between them.
(s) - Definitely got this one
(c) - Very true again.  We got Ozzy when Dylan was only 4 months old and Ozzy automatically took to him. Ozzy loves to sniff Dylan’s ears and lick him when he’s playing on the floor.
Deryn I believe is an “old soul” and I think Ozzy senses this because is a very calm when with Deryn.
 12.   Is there anything or any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Just love and warmth and thanks”
(s) - Bless him.
(c) - He’s very welcome.
 13.   Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?
“To be thankful for everything we have”. I ask if there’s anything for helping him directly & he says “No, not really”.
(s) - Lovely old boy
(c) - Bless him, he’d been through so much in his short life before we rehomed him. We are all thankful for what we have and we’re all so lucky to have Ozzy in our lives.
 14.   Tell me something only you & your human would know
I see him sat in the kitchen, Simon is feeding him something possibly ham & I get the sense of Simon having some, then Ozzy, then Simon etc... they’re sharing. Ozzy is sat very patiently. I ask Ozzy if this is a special time for him & he says “Yes, we bond and share food”.
(s) - This is bang on, we will share ham which he can smell a county away! We also enjoy toast on the rare occasions that I eat it in the morning
(c) - So very very accurate. Simon does pinch ham out of the fridge and always shares it with Ozzy.  Ozzy also sits very patiently waiting while Simon eats his toast in the morning as without fail Simon will give him his last bit of toast.
If Ozzy isn’t there waiting to share food with Simon, Simon gets quite upset and worries that there is something wrong with Ozzy.
I called Callie straight after the chat & she mentioned how Ozzy had got up & few moments earlier & gone to lay by himself in the kitchen, on his bed. This apparently is not something he’d normally do, he’d normally want to be around people.
He obviously wanted a bit of peace & quiet for our chat! Bless him!
Callie had some extra questions so I hung up, had another chat. Here’s what was said:
15.   Why are you drinking so much water?
“I just feel so thirsty” I asked why & he replied “Kidneys”. Please check this with the vet.
(s) - Will do Sis
(c) - We will definitely see the vet about this as he has started to drink a lot more water than usual.
 16.   You have a lump on your back, can you tell me more about it?
“Muscle tear”, I ask Ozzy “Is it what your owners suspect?” & he says “Probably but best to get it checked out, it’s not life threatening so don’t worry but see what the experts say”.
(s) - Will look at this when we see him about the kidneys
(c) - This lump has been present for some time and on consultation the vet wants to do various scans etc but we’re trying to find the funds to pay for such an expensive set of tests. In the meanwhile we’ve been assessing it and watching Ozzy’s behaviour and all seems well apart from the water thing. I don’t think it’s life threatening as he doesn’t seem to be getting ill from it but it is best to get it seen to.

17.   Why are you barking so much lately? (Whilst Callie asked me to ask this question over the phone I heard the words “I miss everyone” but I asked again after I put the phone down).
“I just miss them all, I want them to come home”. I explained to him that the children have to go to school and Simon & Callie both have to go to work during the day now (Callie used to be at home). He said “I understand, I’m just re-adjusting”. I explain that they both work full time now as they have to pay for food for all of them including Ozzy & vets bills. I promised him that they’ll never NOT come home but when they do they’ll give him extra love & attention & he replied “OK, we’ll give that a go”.
It was a pleasure as always Ozzy! I’ve chatted to you so many times but this is the first time I’ve heard you talk back. A truly lovely experience – thank you. X
(s) - Brilliant to hear the old boy getting his say for once, I only wish I could talk to him as well.
(C) - Thank you Gem, it was wonderful to hear Ozzys side of the story and we will definitely make the effort to pay him much more attention when we get home.

Friday, 14 May 2010

'Loopy' Lucy's tail

Lucy belongs to my Dad & Step Mum, they adopted her recently so I've not had the pleasure of meeting her face to face. It was still more difficult to communicate at times, as I was worried that I was 'putting words' into my head.

Here's how the chat went, as usual - owners feedback is in red (d) for Dad and (w) for Wendy.

1.       How do you feel physically?
“Oh I’m fine all over” I ask “What, nothing wrong at all?” & she says “No, I’m absolutely fine”
w- Well, the vet agrees with her! Good to know
d - Quite correct, she had a thorough check over by our vet – tip top condition
 2.       How do you feel physically when you run?
“Again I’m fine, I’m only young”
w- Yes, she seems really fit and likes to run
d – She is what she is, a fit 2 year old in great condition
 3.       How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I yawn & stretch, I do a BIG yawn” (I see her front paws out stretched)
w- Yes, that’s true she does do a big yawn and a massive stretch; but it’s her back legs that are stretched out
d – She does stretch just after she wakes up
 4.       How do you feel physically after eating?
“I feel full & content but I do love my food”
w- That’s so funny!  That is exactly how she appears, can’t get enough of it!
d – No argument there!  She didn’t know how to tackle feed bowls when we first got her, but really loves her food.
 5.       How do you feel emotionally?
“I did feel sad but I’m feeling heaps happier now” I ask “Why were you sad?”, she replied “No one wanted me” I reassure her “You know you won’t be changing homes again, you’re here to stay” & she said “I know, they’re good to me”
w- That’s true she wasn’t wanted.  I’m glad she knows this is her home for ever and is happy.  The uncertainty of a new home would have been unsettling originally.
d- I never noticed the sad bit, but her eyes have changed.  I saw that in the photo’s we have taken since she arrived.  Her eyes look happy.
 6.       What’s your character like?
I say to her “I hear you’re Loopy, is that right?” & she says “Oh I’m definitely loopy” (I see her hyper, chasing her tail). I say to her that I already knew she was Loopy from what I’d heard so needed something else about her character so I could prove she WAS talking to me, she said “I can be a deep thinker, I think a lot”. I asked what she thinks about & she said “Oh not a lot really, just what’s going on around me”
w- I’d never thought of this before, but I think you’re right she watches everything.
D – Haven’t seen her chase her tail, she gets very ‘hyper’ when she see’s us first thing, then she becomes calm.
 7.       Do you like to play?
“Oh yes!!” (I see her sat in front of someone waiting eagerly for something to be thrown, she’s so excited with the anticipation)
w- She does get excited when I throw toys for Brenna, but she doesn’t appear to get the objective (i.e. she is suppose to chase it and bring it back! – we’re working on that one!)
d – Maybe it’s the type of play – she gets all excited when I play rough with Brenny, but doesn’t join in, much like Neive used to do.  We’ve tried toys, but again, she doesn’t seem to know what they are for.
 8.       What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?
“Chasing after Brenna & watching telly” (I see her sat in front of it).
w- This is brilliant!  She loves telly; I have never known a dog sit in front of the TV for so long, total fasciations! 
D – She probably does this when we are to work in the pen.  I’ve noticed both of their coats are muddy when we get home, I guess  they have been playing.
Definitely watches TV, Wendy & I find that so funny!  She actually pay facing the box the other night & was enthralled by what was going on.  Funnily enough, it was about dogs, lol.
 9.       Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
(She rolls over immediately) so I say “your tummy?” & she says “Oh yes it sends me to heaven” (I see her eyes roll back)
w- Good to know,  I wasn’t sure how she felt about her belly over her chest
d – I’ve scratched her tummy a few times & she certainly loves it.
 10.   How do you feel about other dogs?
“They’re lovely, I especially like my new friend”.
w- That’s good, they do seem to have bonded on both sides.
D – When we’ve seen her around other dogs, her tail is going & she certainly seems to enjoy being around them, big or small.
 11.   How do you feel with people?
women – “Oh they’re nice, I tend to do what they say”
men – “The same, I pretty much like everyone”
children – “I’ll tolerate them, yeah they’re ok”
w- She does what I say only when she can contain her excitement, I know there is no malice or intent to be disobedient there at all
d – She doesn’t always listen to Wendy, more to me.  Difficult to say about children!
 12.   I repeated your names to get her reaction
Wendy: I see her sat obediently & rolls over lovingly/ playfully. (I see this as her respecting you but also loving you & finding you fun).  w- This is true; I think she does see me as more loving/playing. D - Agree
Brian: He’s a big man & can be scary but he loves me.  D - I have the same reaction from kids until they get to know me!  I’m glad she knows she is loved.
I ask “Do you love them?” & she says “Oh yes, I couldn’t ask for better owners”.  w- Good – I’m glad she’s happy with us
13.   Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your humans?
“Peace & love” “Respect – that’s important”
w- Interesting response from her –  she sounds almost like a ‘hippie chick’!
d – Ok, noted – I think we certainly respect our dog friends.
 14.   Is there any way I can help you through this communication?
“Just listen & repeat everything I say”.
w- Wow –  she sounds quite a bossy madam here
d – Bossy so & so!
 15.   Tell me something only you & your human would know.
“I like to sit & wait for my ball to be thrown”. I also get a picture of her lay in front of the TV. I also see her licking some ones face – there’s lots of love with these licks!!
w- See above about the ball – she doesn’t appear to know what to do.  Laying in front of the TV absolutely.  And the licking the face, we have been teaching her about kisses and she’s has just learnt that this means licks on the face.
D - Not a great one with toys, & doesn’t yet understand about the ball throwing thing.  Certainly the TV, she often watches once something has caught her attention.  Doesn’t really lick – hasn’t got the hang of that yet.  She watches Breeny ‘kiss’, but hasn’t ‘kissed’ me too often.  Perhaps I’m too scary?
This is interesting as I noticed Lucy only showed me being excited & sat waiting for something to be thrown, she didn't then show me running & chasing it. She obviously is excited but doesn't realise what the whole game entails.
16.   (a) Did you have a good start in life? (b) Were you treated well? (c) How did you come to a rescue centre?
(a)    “It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst” w- true – could have been much worse!
(b)   Not as well as I am now!
(c)    The people didn’t want me, they weren’t experienced enough”. w- Very true, I don’t thing they cared
D - About what we were told for a) & b).  Interesting for c), they ‘expected’ her to ‘toliet’ in the bushes , but didn’t teach her!
17.   How do you feel living with your new guardians?
“I love it here, it’s so much fun & there’s loads of space”
w- I’m glad she’s happy (makes me feel good inside)
d – She certainly seems content.  Has even started rolling onto her back.  Big BIG sign of confidence in her surroundings.
 18.   How do you feel about Brenna?
“She’s a big cuddly thing, she’s lovely” I ask if there’s anything else, she says “I think we’ll be good friends one day”. I ask why one day? She says “She needs to get used to me”. I tell Lucy I’m sure Brenna will get used to her & she replies “I’m sure she will too”.
w- I think this is also very true, I believe Brenna is a little shocked at how hyper Lucy gets at times which takes her back.  But Brenna did really seem to miss Lucy when she went into the Vets overnight for her spaying op.
D - You know Brenny is the ‘Princess’ & Lucy is a young dog, but on the whole, I think they get on well together.  I get the feeling Lucy see’s her as a big sister?

W - This is great info Gem – great job, thank you!  Overall, it seems Lucy is quite a confident dog and a happy one which is great.  I’m sure the confidence will come through more and more as she settles into her new life.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Exciting News!

Hi Followers!

I wanted to share some exciting new with you. I have just booked myself onto the ACT2 (Animal Training Course) Practitioners Course - this consists of 2 weekends of trainging; 23-24 Oct & 20-21 Nov. In brief this course will give me the necessary skills and training to work in a public practice.

So after I've completed this course I plan on practising as an Animal Communicator!

Gem x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Pola's tail - Pola was re-homed some years ago but his previous owners asked me to chat to him.

Feedback from Pola's previous owners in red

1. How do you feel physically?

“Oh I’m fit, I’ve got so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. My joints can get a bit achey at times”.
Pola always had more than enough energy - I'm sure that as he’s older his joints ache.

2. How do you feel physically when you run?
I see him haring round a field, chasing something, darting this way & that. He may be playing tig or chase with another dog – he loves it.
was always chasing Kai around the house backwards and forwards - defiantly tag or chase!

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I’m fine, it takes me a little longer to get up than it used to”.
Sure this is correct now he’s older

4. How do you feel physically after eating?
“I just want to lay down.” I see him laid down head between paws. He scoffs his food down & has a healthy appetite.
Pola was always hungry - he used to eat his food so fast that he never chewed it and it would come out the sides of his mouth and slobber everywhere!

5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?
“I’m a wise old soul, I have a lot to teach, I’m loyal and obedient but I can have my scatty moments”. I ask him if he’s happy “Oh yes I’m happy – I’m here teaching!”
He was always a happy dog - and scatty

6. Do you like to play?
“Oh yes, my favourite game has to be chase & I love running after a ball”
He never had a ball with us as they tended to demolish them with in 5 mins, but he loved to play with Kai

7. What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?
“I like to protect my owners, it makes me feel important”. I tell him he must be doing a good job & he says “Oh I like to think so”.
Yes he used to look out the window as if he was protecting us

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
“On my chest the most”.
Spot on it was his favourite place

9. How do you feel about other animals (same species)?
“I’m the leader so they all follow & respect me. I’m the Boss, but I’m fair”
He was always the underdog out of the 3 of them as he came to us last and was the youngest – that’s not to say that things haven't changed now!

10. How do you feel with people?
women – He looks adoringly “they need looking after”
men – He shys away from them, seems to cower & be a bit scared.
children – He’s showing him hugging them (protectively), he feels he has to protect them as he’s good at it.
He loved everyone but was a little more wary with men.

11. I repeated your name to get his reaction
I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach like love & when you’re parting from a loved one/ partner. “I understand why she had to let me go”. I asked him why he had to go & he said “Everything was changing & I didn’t fit in”. Again I get a strong feeling of love. I asked “Do you feel sad about it now” & he said “No, I fully understand & I’m really happy now”.
We had to re-home our dogs as our lifes got turned upside down and everything changed in a short space of time – I’m glad that he understood why.

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Tell her not to beat herself up about it. She did a good job”. (Feeling of love again). “Tell her to be happy”.
We regularly think of the dogs and wish we knew where they were - we do punish ourselves for having to rehome them

13. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?
“Help me to help others on this quest. Don’t be belittled. Be strong”.
Think this relates more to Gemma

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know
“When I was a pup I skidded on the kitchen floor” (Like a rolling ball of white fluff).
“I used to sneeze when I was young. I think it was the flowers!”
I asked for more & he gave me this image:

I’m looking at a house with a path up to the front door, the door is in the middle & there’s garden either side of the door. Through the front door are stairs immediately ahead & a lounge to the left, you can see right through to the garden through doors or a window. There’s a big tree in the garden to the right as I look at the front door. There’s a low wall to the front of the garden with a gap for the path. Cars are parked on the road.

Yes Pola would run in from the garden - try to slip and skid all the way through the kitchen!
Flowers did make him sneeze and he did lots in a row - very funny to watch!
This describes exactly the layout of our house we had Pola in - very acturate!!

I forgot to thank him so came back & thanked him & apologised. He said “Don’t worry, you’re learning”. He seemed to take it in his stride, like it was nothing out of the ordinary for him!

Tabby's tail

Feedback from Tabby's Mum in red.

Technique 1
1.       How do you feel physically?
“I feel ok, no serious problems”. ( I get a twinge in my tummy but could be my physical being & not Tabby’s – I  ask  her to repeat it & she doesn’t so probably me but worth mentioning just in case).
could be correct she has been checked at vet recently & no problems highlighted
2.       How do you feel physically when you run?
I see her really sprinting & chasing something. I say to her “Wow you’re fast” & she says “Yes I am”. I then asked “Do you get any aches or pains?” & she says “No! Fit as a fiddle!”
she does like to chase butterflies & bees in the back garden
3.       How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“Fine, I tend to yawn & stretch my paws out, I take my time”. I asked “Do you ache when you get up? She said “No, but I tend to get some food”. 
Thats very true she always goes for food after sleeping
4.       How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?
“I’m quite laid back & easy going, I’m just happy. I’m laid back, friendly & cuddly”. I see her laid on her back looking lovingly up to someone – she’s on their lap.
She isn’t particulary cuddly, the odd occasion usually when im in on my own or if im sleeping on the sofa she will come up on my lap and start making her bed on me
5.       Do you like to play?
“Sometimes, when I feel like it” I see her batting a white mouse toy.
she doesn’t have any ‘cat’ toys as wont play with them, she prefers to play with my hair bobbles or elastic bands
6.       What do you find fun?
“Being outside & sniffing the air, I like the sun on me, it warms me up”. I see her sat smiling, looking up at the sun. I asked “Do you find anything else fun?” she said “Not really, I have simple tastes”.
she does exactly this i’ll watch her sometimes outside she sits there all dainty with her eyes squinted sniffing the air in the sun
7.       How do you feel about other cats?
“I quite like them, I like to cuddle up to them” I asked “Do you still get to cuddle up to them?” she said “yes, when I can”.
Tabby doesn’t get on with other cats she disliked my old kittens and has 1 friend in the whole street even then she still picks on him every now again i find her very solitary
8.       How do you feel with people?
I see her rubbing against peoples legs. I ask her “Does she like.....”
“women” – She nods & says “Yes”
“men” – “Hmmmm – yes but not as much”
“children” – “I’m not really fussed”
this all appears correct she is still trying to understand Kevs 18month old baby trying to work out what she is lol
9.       I repeated your name to get her reaction
I see her rubbing against your legs & she’s purring & smiling. I ask “Do you love her” & she says “Oh yes, of course”
10.   Is there anything you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Tell her she’s my friend. I love her & she’s an angel”. Perplexed I ask “Why is she an angel” (no offence Sarah!) she says “she has wings” (I start to doubt my ability as I know you have a tattoo of wings which she’s probably referring to so I ask her for more) she says “she has a glow”
11.   Is there any way I can help you through this communication?
“I’d like more biscuits, I like biscuits & don’t get enough, I’d also like a fleece bed”. I saw a round bed. 
Having bought tabby beds before she doesn’t sleep on them.. she does however tend to sleep in our round wash basket with CLEAN clothes in lol
12.   Tell me something only you & your human would know
“I scratch sometimes, I get told off but I just love it” She shows me a pink collar with a bell.
she does scratch the sofas and gets told off. She did used to have a pink collar with a bell but came coming home without it so she doesn’t wear a collar anymore.
13.   Do you like your new home? Are you happy there?
“Yes it’s nice, I feel safe & there’s friendly cats around” I ask “Do you like to go & see the cats?” she says “No, I tend to stay at home, but I do venture out”. 
She spends the same time out as she does in mainly again she has 1 cat friend.
 Technique 2

1.       How do you feel physically?
“On top of the world, I’m bouncy & fit” I asked “so you have no pains?” & she replied “No, not a dickie bird” – she’s proud of this!
2.       How do you feel physically after eating?
“Ohhh I feel satisfied but I could just eat a bit more fish” I ask “So you don’t feel bloated or have any pains?” she replies “No, I told you, I’m fit as a fiddle”. At this point I told her she was a lovely girl, she said “Thanks” & bunted her head to mine.
3.       How do you feel physically when running?
“I told you, I’m fast, I love to chase things” I see her sprinting after a bird or butterfly.
4.       What does your character feel like?
“Well, I’m not too over the top but I am loving – I just like to please” I see her rolling over & looking adoringly at someone. 
she does roll on her back when lay on the living room floor and bring her front legs up to her chest and gaze up at you)
5.       What do you enjoy doing?
“Running & chasing & also being quiet” I asked “What do you mean, you like to be quiet?” she says “I like quiet, peaceful time”
6.       How are you with other cats?
“I don’t mind them but I prefer to be on my own”
i’d say  this is accurate)
7.       How do you feel with:
“women” – “Oh yeah they’re lovely & gentle & stroke me” I see her rubbing against legs again.
“men” – “They’re ok, they’re not as gently though – they can be rough”
“children” – “They’re alright, I can take them or leave them” 
8.       Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
She shows me along the spine & in the ear – it makes her head lean in & she smiles.
she does like her ears to be stroked on the inside
9.       I repeated your name to get her reaction
I see her purring & rubbing against your legs, she’s blissfully happy!
10.   Is there any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Love, love, luuurrrve” I ask (stupidly) “Anything else?” & she replies “What’s more important than love?” – She’s a wise one!
11.   Is there anything I can help you with though this communication?
“Just to pass on my love to Sarah” I reply “Of course I will Tabby, she’ll be overjoyed” & she replies “Oh I do hope so!”
12.   Tell me something only you & your human know
“We like to sit on the sofa together” I ask “Anything else?” she replies “We just snuggle up & enjoy each others company”
13.   Is there any way I can help through this communication?
“I don’t think so but it’s been nice chatting”.
14.   Do you like your new home?
“Oh yes, it’s much better & cosier & safer!” I tell her that’ll make you Sarah happy & she’s smiling at me. She loves to please you!
Technique 3

In the words of Tabby:
Physically I feel really well, I’m fit & active, life’s great. I’m quite springy!
When I run I physically feel on top of the World, I’m almost flying I’m that quick!
After eating I physically feel full and content – I could squeeze in some more though! Oh I love my food!
Emotionally I feel content & my character is gentle, loving and warm – I’m not temperamental like some!!
When I’m with other cats I feel ok I guess, they don’t bother me. I keep myself to myself mostly.
When I’m around men I feel protected but not cuddly – they’re strong & can look after me.
When I’m around women I feel happy & loved & warm & cosy – they’re lovely & kind.
When I’m around children I feel ok but not that relaxed.
When I’m around Sarah it makes me feel on top of the World, she’s like a fairy – she’s radiant & I just lap it up! I love her so much.
You can help me with this communication to let mankind know we have a voice! We’re not dumb – we feel things! More than they realise! You’ll do it I’m sure (no pressure then Tabby!! They tend to leave the big comments to the end) :o)
In my new home I feel protected – it’s a happy place & it radiates sunshine. Tell Sarah I’m happy.
I thanked Tabby & said I’d chat to her anytime in the future if she’d like to, she said “Oh yes anytime”.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tess's tail - My 1st experience of animal communication

Feedback from Tess's owner is in red.

Technique 1:

• She said “I’m a healthy girl for my age”
Yes, on the whole she is a healthy dog

• When asked “How are you physically” I got an aching feeling in my left outer thigh. Possible.
Tess is quite stiff now and she is sometimes quite lame on one of her front legs after working or long exercise

• When asked “How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping” she showed me an image of her getting one part of her body up first, then the second, so her back end then her front end & stretching out slowly. She speeded up the image so she looked like a see-saw – up down up down etc...
You are quite correct. Tess struggles to get up after sleeping, but usually ends up sitting before she heaves her back end up.

• She’s a happy girl, can be playful, she’s smiley! Can also be cheeky!
Yes, she is a happy girl and sometimes will smile showing her teeth in a silly way when we come in!

• When asked “What do you find fun” she immediately showed me an image of her frantically chasing her tail round in circles & chasing a ball that had been thrown.
Spot on! She often goes round and round in circles chasing her tail when very excited and she LOVES a ball being thrown for her.

• When asked “How do you feel around other dogs” She doesn’t seem interested – she’s keeping herself to herself.
She likes other dogs - their company I think and to say Hallo, but she is also quite happy to be alone and can be indifferent to them.

• She’s more drawn to men.
Yes, she does like men as she is a working dog and Rob works her with the sheep, so she does look to him.

• When I repeated your name Tessa she sat up, ears pricked up, barking but in an excited way & licking your face.
After our Flatcoats died Tess came to live with us from the farm and only goes back to work the sheep when needed (our farm is a few miles from the house). She had never had 'individual' attention, been fussed over or had someone to look after her in a way other than a farm dog. She loves it!!

• A message for you Tessa “I love you and I love our walks, they’re fun!”
Thats really lovely and brings tears to my eyes. Tess had never ever had proper walks before and yes, she does LOVE them, especially if she comes out with my horse.

• When I asked her for something only her and her human would know she gave me an image of her being on a lead. She was to the right & her human was on the left with their back to me & holding the lead. She was chewing on it. She’s doing it in a cheeky, teasing way!
Possibly..... she had actually never been on a lead ever, until we went to Cornwall in february of this year when we took her with us. She not only became a hotel dog for 4 days but also went on a lead and was quite happy! - a far cry from a farm dog!!

Technique 2:

• When asked “How do you feel physically” I got a slight ache/ stabbing in my outer left thigh again. I asked her how it happened & she showed me an image of her running & skidding on a tiled kitchen floor. She went crashing into the units/ cooker. This happened aged 11. I queried her age & she shouted 11!!! Other numbers I saw were 9 & 1 but 11 came through stronger – she seemed adamant.
Yes, Tess is definitely 11 years old. Not sure about the skidding on kitchen floor bit - possible but cant really comment on that one!

• When asked “How do you feel after eating” she said satisfied – her tummy’s fine. I got a ‘normal’ feeling also in my tummy, not full, not hungry.
Quite right I would imagine. She LOVES her teas now - she used to get a bowl of dry biscuits which lasted her all day as I would imagine they were somewhat boring. She now has 'proper' interesting teas with supplements!

• When she’s running she’s aware of the tops of her back legs. Her muscles ache easily.
Yes, I believe you are right there

• She said “I’m a happy, fun kinda girl. I’m smiley”!

• She said “I like to run & play & feel free” She’s making me feel giddy like a child running & skipping through a field on a sunny day.
True, but she is always on the lookout for something to round up!

• I said to her “So you’re a fun kinda girl then?” cheekily & she said “Hell yeah”! With no hesitation.

• When asked “How are you with other dogs” I got a picture of her running on her own, away from them. She said “I’m happy as I am” when I questioned why she’s like this.
Yes, I think so

• With men I see her jumping up, licking & excited. So I say to her “So you like men”? & she nods.
True - as above

• With women I see her sitting patiently, I sense she’s more obedient and tells me this also.
spot on - she is really obedient with me and loves to work with me. She loves praise.

• With children I see her laying down & looking away from them, she’s not interested. She’s patient but not drawn to them. I asked her why she’s like this & she said “They’re loud”
She is actually really good with little children - considering she had never been off the farm and had never seen children before she came 'indoors' to live with us. However, I think she could take or leave children - she is more interested in sheep!

• When asked “Where do you like to be stroked/ scratched” she rolls onto her back immediately! Almost before I finish asking the question. I’m guessing her tummy? Lol She’s making me smile bless her & laugh out loud as soon as I asked her.
She likes her tummy rubbed but I think her favourite place is her chest.

• When asked “How does Tessa make you feel” she said “Calm and content”.
I think that is extremely true. I am a very very calm and quiet person with animals and she loves that and is always happy when she comes home to me. She loves a calm atmosphere and gets upset if there is any tension.

• The feeling she’d like me to communicate to her human is of joy and happiness.

• When asked “Is there anything I can help you with in this communication” She said “Nothing, no I’m quite content”.

• When asked for her to tell me something only her & her human know she showed me a picture of her clearing her bowl and pushing it around with her nose. She showed me the image from the first communication first of all (of her chewing on her lead*) but I asked her for another thing. She pushes her bowl nudging it with her nose and looks up to you as if asking for more.
Well Gem - this is a strange one. I cant really see Tess pushing her feed bowl around with her nose although she does finish up all her tea in one quick go now and snuffs the bowl here and there when she has finished it... HOWEVER, she does push and nudge her ball to us asking us with her looks to roll it for her so she can push it back to us!

Technique 3:

• She’s sat & ready to go! I have her full attention, I think she’s enjoying this & getting into the swing of things – she’s not alone! Her voice starts off quite hyper, loud & excitable but gets gentler as we go on. This is what I wrote with Tess’s voice:

• Physically I feel quite well for my age. I’m still quite bouncy, my joints aren’t bad. I ache a bit sometimes. Yes, she is quite stiff and I would imagine achey now

• When I run I physically feel ok, I’m still fast & can corner really well. I’m quite agile, it’s still fun! (more smiles from Tess).
Yes, she is fast and does corner well when she is working. She appears agile despite her stiffness and yes, it IS fun for her.

• After eating I physically feel full and content, also a bit sleepy. I do clear my bowl though (she’s showing me nudging her bowl again as if she wants more). I’m smiling even writing this as she’s so funny.
Yes, it is so lovely to see her clear her bowl now and look content afterwards. On reflection, she does push per bowl around a little when it is finished, just in case there is a little more left there

• Emotionally I feel settled and content, life is good! I’m loved & have all the time in the World. I’m Freeeeeeee! (more smiles).
I hope she does feel this way - she deserves to.

• My character is fun & bubbly & bouncy & hyper & I luuuuuurve to play!(I get images of her chasing her tail again). She’s sounding to me like an excitable child when they just can’t get their words out quick enough!
Very true. Any chance to play and she is there!

• When I am with other dogs I feel a bit quieter & not so giddy. I like to keep to the back & be un-noticed. If they come up to me I stay still & try not to have eye contact. I’m like this because some dogs are aggressive & scare me a bit. They show their teeth & snarl – they’re not friendly like me! (At this point I explained to Tess to use her senses as she’ll be able to sense if a dog is nasty or nice, as some dogs are also nice like her). Her response: I know but I’m happy with my humans! (I said to Tess OK as long as you’re happy) and she said “I am”! – I went off the flow writing path a bit here but I just went with what felt right. Tess got used to being with my other dogs before they died (at different times..) but was happy with just Rob and I afterwards. We dont leave her alone too much now but she certainly didn't appear to grieve after their passing - unlike me..... She is happy in her own skin I think with us around.

• When I am around men I feel a bit giddy again, I don’t know where to put myself – I chase my tail & jump & bark – they find it funny & laugh along!
So male!! Yes, Rob certainly can get her hyped up and does find it funny where as I am the one who does the calm placid bit for stability

• When I am around women I’m a bit calmer – I like to please. I sit nicely for them & they reward me so I know I’m doing it right. I feel happy, calm and relaxed – not so hyper/ giddy.
as above!

• When I’m around children I’m just not interested – I want them to go & move on so I act boring, so they won’t want to play. I just lay there & stare ahead – they eventually get bored & move on! Works every time! (I see her with a sparkle in her eye)!
She is certainly clever enough for this but not sure that this is particularly true..... children fascinate her but she doesn't see many on the whole. She is more than happy for them to play ball with her though

• When I’m around Tessa it makes me feel protected & calm. She’s warm & funny & treats me well. We have a laugh too though – she’s my mate!

• You can help me with this communication to help Tessa, she knows she can do it, she needs a confidence boost. She’ll get there! With my help! (I see her with a big smile & sparkly eyes).
My Girls (my flatcoats) and Tess are my inspiration and I always ask them for help. That is such a lovely comment from her and I thank her for that.