Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I'm Qualified!

Just had the call to say I passed my final professional case study with a score of 98%! So, I'm just waiting to receive my Certificate to frame & place in my new home office!

I finished my 9-5 job on Christmas Eve so now I'm all set to start the New Year with a new career.... doing the most amazing job I could wish for!

If you 'd like to hear how my radio show went on Monday click here

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

3rd Radio show - LIVE communications!

What a show! This is my 3rd show with Carl Munson on his Barefoot Broadcast. click here to listen to the whole show

If you'd like to hear a small snippet of me talking to a caller & communicating with her cat Kahuna LIVE click here
In this show we had callers ring in for LIVE communications with their pets. This is a first for me as I've always used photos & basic details like the pets name, age & gender. It proved to be a success with me communicating with a dog in spirit, 1 living dog & 2 living cats. We had 3 callers; 1 from America & 2 from the UK. It just proves that communication with animals can be done through their owners, when they talk about their pets with love the animals energy comes through.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Regular Radio show - every Monday @ 7pm GMT

After the success of my appearance on Carl Munson's Barefoot Broadcast Radio show a couple of weeks ago he's asked me back for a weekly show. Here's the link to Monday 13th December's show:

Animal Communication with Gemma Blackwell on The Barefoot Broadcast

Tune in every Monday at 7pm! You can listen live or download.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

I've passed all 3 Professional Case studies! 1 to go....

I got the phone call today from James at ACT to say I'd passed all 3 of my professional case studies. The pass rate was 90% & I got 98%, 98% & 95%.... To say I'm happy & relieved is an understatement! One to go & I'm fully qualified! I'm struggling to get hold of anyone to book it but it'll happen when it's meant to I'm sure.

Friday, 10 December 2010

We have moved!

So, we finally moved house at the end of November! The house is lovely & so is the village - getting snowed in, Ben pranging his car, having no heating for 3 days & feeling like a bit of a visitor wasn't so lovely & this obviously affected our beautiful cat Fingles.

I'm pleased to say things are settling down now though. Most boxes are unpacked, the snow's melted away, Ben wasn't hurt (only the car), we got oil delivered & now have heating & I'm feeling less of a visitor as I settle in.

Fingles has been affected & as an Animal Communicator I obviously did my best to help him but was struggling so called on the lovely ladies I did my course with. One of them, Georgie communicated with Fingles last night and the result was brilliant.... Animal Communication never ceases to amaze me!

Toward the end of the communication Fingles came out from behind the sofa and laid on the floor in front of me - looking the most relaxed he has since we moved. He then got on my lap, something he's not done at all since we moved. He's now becoming much more chilled and I'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon. We forget that our animals are sensitive and mirror us. I was feeling unsettled and like a bit of a visitor in my own home so it's no wonder he felt the same.

2 other ladies have also offered to communicate with him so it'll be interesting to see what he has to say next time!

I love Animal Communication!! xxx

The Gorilla & the Sealion!

I recently communicated with a beautiful Gorilla but it was clear that the keeper was not 100% into the communication. It didn't help that the Gorilla in question preferred to communicate via another Gorilla! This was a little far fetched for our keeper I feel so I left it there and didn't go any further. It's just proof that it takes a communicator, an animal and their human companion to all be willing to communicate for the process to be successful. If one isn't willing to take part in any way it won't work. I wasn't offended, for some people it's just hard for them to comprehend the whole process.

The upshot of this was going back to the Head of Animal Training to explain, she was very understanding and offered me her Sealion that she works with! The communication went really well and it was clear that they both shared a close bond. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you more about the communication when I get some feedback from the zoo so watch this space.

3 out of 4 professional case studies complete

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We moved house on the 30th November & then I launched straight into my professional case studies. I felt like they all went well & I'll get the results this weekend. I'm still trying to book in my 4th & can't wait to get that in the diary.
The one that stuck out in my mind most was working with a vet & a chocolate lab who was quite difficult to get through to at first, but by the end of it she'd communicated about physical problems with her heart and the base of her tail, she'd also recommended flower essence treatment that could help her! Right at the end she validated the whole communication by letting me know her diet was due to change soon - the vet confirmed this! The communication took longer than usual but we got there in the end and I really hope it helped her in some way.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

3 down, 1 to go!

I've managed to book in 3 of my 4 Professional Case Studies, once I've passed all 4 I am a fully Qualified Animal Communicator. I'm really looking forward to them, trying not to think of them as assessments, just a regular communication.

We're also in the middle of moving house so it's all coming at once but that's fine, you can't wish for all these things & then complain when they all happen at once! Once we're in the new house I'll be in a more peaceful environment to carry out my work so I'm really looking forward to getting into the new place.

Keep checking back for more updates on how my assessments are going - I really appreciate all the support you're giving me.

Gem x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Animal Communication Practitioners Course - Final weekend

Posh room!!
Well that's it, the final weekend of my Practitioners course done! Saturday was an emotional day as we covered the subject of deceased animals, it brought up a lot of guilt I still held for having my beloved Teddy put to sleep, so I tested out the process for grief first hand & it was amazing.

Sunday we covered Lost Animals, again a tough subject & we all tried to help track down a lost cat. It's such a tricky subject but an avenue worth looking down.

The weekend was lovely, it was great to catch up with everyone & listen to their experiences over the last month. Again we had some lovely food & the rooms were gorgeous (as you can see).

I'm now ready to book in my 4 Professional case studies with a Vet, Behavourist, Trainer & Welfare. I'm looking forward to these so am going to book them straight away.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Zoo news

I've just got off the phone to the PR Manager at Chessington Zoo & they're happy with how I work & so we're on! She's going to give the go ahead to the Head of Animal Training so we can carry out the communication...... with a Gorilla!! I am sooooooo excited! I was hoping it would be a Gorilla or a Lion!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Case Studies complete!

Thank you to everybody who volunteered themselves & their beloved pets for my case studies. They are all done & the next thing to do is go to the 2nd part of my Practitioners Course this weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone got on & what experiences everyone had. We all got on last time but now we'll have even more to talk about.

Case Studies 12 & 13 - Dawn, Sky & Maisy

Maisy (left) & Sky (right)
The communication (Sky):

Sky came through as a very sweet natured girl. She made it clear that she's Dawn's Daughter's baby. Sky wanted to communicate first and Maisy agreed. I helped Sky to release some anxiety. She showed me an image of when she 'goes off', it seems she has dog friends & time to time they all meet up, Dawn needs to worry less about when she goes off as it's something that makes her happy. She's the type of character that would rather bottle things up than make everyone else worry too. She's a very deep character & loving - this came out more & more during the communication.

Dawn's feedback (Sky):

Gemma picked up Sky very well, her personality and mannerisms, and was able to qualify that it was Sky who she was communicating with. Gemma was able to put my mind at rest and related that Sky went on walk about to visit her friends and that she was perfectly happy and just enjoyed socialising and didn't want us to worry about her, as that was her only worry was that we worried about her. She also asked for a little more one to one time. Since the communication we have had a brill relationship, I think I understand her so much more. The whole process was excellent..... Gemma was very easy to chat to and very encouraging and explained in a good way.

The communication (Maisy):

Wow what a bundle of joy! Jack Russells seem to have this energy that no other breed has!! Maisy was no exception! She came through as fun loving & described herself as being like a star - sparkly & full of energy. Maisy didn't communicate much but just came through as a little girl that was very happy in her own skin & loves life! What more can you ask for - we all need to take a leaf out of Maisy's book! She does love her kisses though and she looks up to Sky (in more ways than one) ha ha!

Dawn's feedback (Maisy):

Gemma picked up Maisy straight way..... a fidget pants, constant wagging tail and dancing on the spot..... Maisy was just so happy to be chatting and told us she's a star..... that’s what I call her, she told us she looks up to Sky, our other dog and was just so very happy to be everybody’s friend. She is a well-adjusted little dog with no emotional, physical or mental issues. Gemma was great, very easy to chat to and understand.

Case Studies 10 & 11 - Mo, Sprite & Cider

Cider (cat) & Sprite (pony)
The communication (Sprite):

Sprite came through as a gentle loving soul with a beautiful nature & temperament. He realises that at 38 years old he's nowhere near the animal he once was but doesn't dwell on this. What was interesting was Sprite made me aware that he's quite concious not to tred on Mo's toes, when Mo confirmed his eye sight is not what is once was it made sense - he was trying to tred carefully. He has so much love for Mo & shows a lot of love towards her. Out of the two Sprite wanted to communicate first and Cider agreed.
Sprite communicated that he loves Reiki from Mo & Jen. With love, attention & Mo he couldn't be happier! He made it clear Mo is his best friend & as she sees him as her best friend they're a match made in heaven!

Mo's feedback (Sprite):

The description was spot on and she explained his personality and little ways perfectly. Because of the things that were communicated from Sprite it made me feel a lot easier and I know now he really does understand how I feel about him and that there really is nothing more I can do to make his old life easier.
Gemma was very professional, and I felt quite emotional with this communication from Sprite, a lot different to how I felt with the other one with my cat Cider. I felt very at ease and relaxed.

The communication (Cider):

Cider came through is very genuine but mixed up & confused. She realises that she needs some help. There was a calmness about her but also a definite emotional blockage. She felt very anxious to me. Cider has problems going to the toilet on Mo's bed & on the carpet, I feel she does this because she feels safe in this place & is afraid to leave it to go to the toilet. I felt the word vulnerable come to me a lot. She doesn't like to go downstairs because of the other cats, she's afraid of walking past them, quite like the worry you might have as a child walking through a playground of other kids you don't know. I felt Cider would benefit from Mo sitting with her, being present & imagining the way she'd like Cider to be. I saw a glimpse of the real Cider but feel we have some more work to do to chisel away at Cider's barriers.

Mo's feedback (Cider):

Gemma described Cider very well and I think she ' felt ' Cider's problems and how she feels about them. Although Cider was at times not communicating very well and unable to communicate certain answers I wanted, we did reach a milestone and I felt with further communications we could progress a lot more and I do realise and understand the help I can personally give to Cider. She has a complicated problem and as yet does not feel able to communicate fully about her issues. Gemma’s human to human communication was excellent !!! Prior to the communication I was feeling a little nervous and apprehensive but I felt totally relaxed and was able to understand the idea of communicating easily as it was explained perfectly, very professional.

Case Studies 8 & 9 - Bridget, Millie & Maisie

The communication (Millie):

Millie came through as a little madam, the Boss but loveable & funny. A little scamp was her way of describing herself! She informed me that she liked "snuggle time", she loved the postman (it turns out she hates him - must be her sense of humour)! She also told me she loved Bridget's friend Mark.
With Millie I worked on the emotional block she has - this stems from a death in the family some time ago. She also feels she has to protect Bridget. Bridget informed me that throughout the communication Millie was calm & didn't attack Maisie which she normally would do, even when Bridget fussed Maisie. Millie gave me an image of her & Maisie cuddled up as if this is something that WILL happen in the future!

Bridget's feedback (Millie):

Gemma accurately described Millie's personality, she also picked up words that I used with Millie and her fave man, and also her fear of being left that had resulted from a death in the family. She picked Millie's behaviour problems. She also picked up that Millie was over protective of me.
I felt that Gemma was empathetic and has a real understanding of Millie. Millie at first was uncomfortable with the communication but she gained Millie's confidence. When Millie had had enough she left the room. Gemma was excellent at communicating with me and explaining what was happening. I found Gemma very professional in her manner and I enjoyed the communication.

The communication (Maisie):

Maisie came through as shy, often left on the side lines, has a gentle nature & is very forgiving. She sees herself as Bridget's soul mate & companion. She realises that she's nervous and needs to work on this. She gave me an image of leaping on Bridget as if this is a regular thing. She also stated she likes bees & honey!
I helped her to release her nervous feelings and at this point Bridget informed me that Maisie rolled onto her back! Something she's not done for Bridget for 3 years. Maisie also gave me an image of lying side by side with Millie, when this happens it will mark the start of a new era for them both. Maisie feels she's here to teach Millie & she will!

Bridget's feedback (Maisie):

Gemma tuned into Maisie and found that Maisie was trying to block communication and that she was difficult to read, which accurately describes how Maisie is. She started to trust Gemma but would only let Gemma read so much. Gemma described Maisie's fear of life and how difficult she finds accepting anything new or changes. Maisie is overpowered emotionally by Millie but she has developed coping strategies. I felt Gemma was spot on with her communication with Maisie. Gemma was very professional throughout and she explained about the communication well. Gemma is an excellent communicator with humans and animals a like. I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Exciting 'Zoo' News!

Hi everyone,

Wow this really is an exciting time! Not only am I completing the 2nd half of my course next weekend, going on radio to talk about animal communication in a couple of weeks but I have a zoo interested in working with me on a case study!

My wonderful brother Simon emailed a whole load of Zoo's & Animal Sanctuaries about me & the Zoo Department of Chessington World of Adventures got back to him - they're interested in taking part!

This is a massive step forward for me & animals, just think of the good this will do for animals in captivity. How we can learn from them and help improve their lives. Animals have so much to teach us - I've seen that in Domestic animals but wild animals in captivity is a whole new level of understanding and learning!

To say I'm excited is an understatement. To communicate with a Lion, a Gorilla, a Tiger etc..... would be absoloutely extraordinary!

I've emailed the Head of Animal Training so when I know more I'll update my Blog.

A very excited Gemma x

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Missing Dog

I volunteer for an animal charity by updating their website. I was asked to add a dog who had gone missing recently. I've never felt a strong desire to communicate with any of the animals I've been asked to add to the website until this one. I felt torn because on the one hand this dog's eyes were saying "communicate with me" but my head was saying I shouldn't. Well in the end I went with my heart & communicated. It turned out he wasn't far from home but had been scared by the fireworks. I let him know there was nothing to be worried about & that it was the fireworks that had spooked him, I let him know it was safe to go home but warned him to be careful of the fireworks. I knew in my heart I'd get an email soon enough to remove him from the website as he'd returned & I did! I've never been more relieved!

I really feel this situation came to me for a reason (as everything does). We cover 'lost animals' on the 2nd part of the course & I've always been unsure whether or not I'd offer that service to people once I'm practising as an Animal Communicator. The reason being is that nothing is 100%, what I relay to owners is ONLY an interpretation of the animals feelings. If I interpret something wrong with an animal that's safe & sound at home the owner can simply say "no, that doesn't sound like Benjy" and we can move on, but if their pet is missing they cannot validate what I'm interpreting, only listen and take in the information. They'll also be frantic with worry & are likely to hang on my every last word - that's a lot of pressure! And what happens if I interpret what I'm getting as the animal being safe & well with another cat, when in actual fact they're in Spirit & the cat they talk about is a pet that also died some time ago. Animals communicate in the same way when they're dead or alive so it may not always be straight forward.

Saying that, if I can help 1 animal find it's way home then surely it's worth it! I also got a sign that I should be offering the service of 'Lost Animals' when my friend Annie emailed me one day. She works in marketing & is helping me with my literature for Pets Tails. Out of the blue one day she simply asked me "Are you going to do 'Missing Animals'?", this question seemed to come out of the blue but I had a gut feeling it was a sign.

When I do the 2nd half of the course I'm definitely going to be more open to the possibility of offering this service, so watch this space!

Case Study 7 - Leah & Max (in Spirit)

The communication:

Max passed away 2 years ago & Leah wanted to know how he was & that he didn't suffer. Max came through as a gentle, caring, loving boy. The baby of the family & a Mummy's boy as he put it. He told me that he was loving & fun & they shared a lot. He made me aware that it was his heart that failed which Leah confirmed, but to let her know that his Spirit had left his body before he was able to feel pain. He showed me that he used to sit by someone's legs (Leah said this was her Dad), Max let me know that he still does this, he also sees their cat & likes him very much. He's still very much around. He showed me how he used to snuggle his head into peoples laps & would bark & run around in circles when he was excited.
It was lovely to communicate with such a soft & loving boy.

Leah's feedback:

Gemma correctly described several of Max's traits and his personality, and in particular the way he passed away. This was incredibly helpful and moving, Gemma let me know that Max was happy, and still around in Spirit and this helped me to accept his passing. It was good to hear that he is still around the house, and I was happy to hear that he didn't go through any pain when he died. Gemma was comforting and reassuring throughout the communication.