Friday, 8 April 2011

Tia's Tail - A testimonial from Helen

I had the pleasure of experiencing Gemma in action very recently when she offered to work with Tia our very enthusiastic female Terrier cross.

We've owned Tia since she was a pup and she has always been 'highly strung', but this has become an increasing problem as she got older, to the point where we started to worry about Tia's health for the future.  I discussed this with Gemma and she was confident that she could help.  Gemma therefore came over to our house and she spent a long time discussing the principles of animal communication with me and methods of treating Tia's anxiety and obsessive behaviour.  In the first session Gemma's approach was to deal with Tia's anxiety in an attempt to encourage her to relax in a non-invasive and passive way.  Gemma taught me the methods she would use so I could continue on with this for the following week. 

To my amazement, it started to have an affect, Tia became visibly more relaxed and less obsessive with her ball and objects, she was even playing with them for the first time which was absolutely wonderful to see.
I found the whole experience enlightening and quite emotional as you could see how happy Tia was and could be with the right support and guidance.

Gemma is a truly gifted individual and I feel very honoured to have her as my friend.  I have to say that the session not only had an effect on Tia, but myself as well.  I have noticed that I am able to deal with events and situations through my life much differently and have been left feeling much more aware and grounded.

If you have any of the issues listed above with your pet then you simply must get in contact with Gemma, I am confident that you too will be amazed and empowered by the results.

Thanks Gem!

If you live in the Hereford area & have a dog please CLICK HERE to check out Helen's website