Friday, 30 July 2010

New follower - welcome!

I'm very excited to see I have a Follower of my Blog who's not family or a close friend - they've found my on the World Wide Web! How exciting! Ok may-be not for anyone else but it is for me :)

Welcome!! xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Max's tail

Health issues or pain
Referring to his legs and hip area he confirmed he has no pain and is use to how it feels and doesn’t like taking medication such as tablets.
Just over 12 months ago Max had a back operation. We first noticed he was behaving oddly, such as suddenly lying down when out on walks and refusing to move, dragging his back legs first thing in the morning, or lifting one of his back legs when running. We took him to the vets a few times over the next few weeks and they diagnosed a stomach problem and gave him a course of antibiotics.
Unfortunately these didn’t solve the problem and about a week later Max lost the use of his back legs. We then contacted a specialist who diagnosed a spinal issue. Max had an operation and cage rest for eight weeks whilst learning to use his back legs again.
He had a lot of medication over this period and will now run a mile if you try and give him a tablet...even when wrapped in chicken or cheese!
Always on the go. Very strong character, doesn’t lack self confidence. Can be a little yappy but he is just trying to get his point across. Bit intimidated by other dogs.
He can always get what he wants, very determined, sees himself as a bigger dog.
This is so true. He can be very bossy and always gets his way!
Favourite things
Tearing around like a lunatic from one end to another, particularly showing me an image of a field.
Max greets most of the family (and visitors) by charging at them then running from one end of the room to the other! My parents have access to a field which Max loves as it hardly ever gets mown so he loves running through the long grass.
Loves to look and ponder, taking in his surroundings. Really likes his new home as it has more space than where he use to be.
He has recently moved to a new house with a lot more outdoor space. He never use to bother too much with the garden at the old house but he now loves just sitting and sniffing the air.
When excited loves to shake and throw things about. Like to watch people eating, in the hope of getting scraps!
He will happily grab the nearest thing to him when excited...a particular favourite is Scott’s slippers!  He is also very fond of human food, in particular teriyaki beef with rice and raw carrot.
Likes to sleep by the heater with the window above. When I asked him to indicate his favourite places he showed me an image of the living room window and the garden. When in the garden he has the house behind him, trees to the right, property or buildings to the left and lots of fields in front. He confirmed he loves to be up in the window to watch out as he has the same view as in the garden and he likes being higher up.
He is forever snuggling down by the heater, we try and stop him from doing this as it makes him shed so much hair!
I always lift him in to the window and he happily sits just watching, this explains why!
His surroundings
I asked Max to give me more details about his surroundings...
There is a big sofa along the wall which faces the window, looking out over the fields.
Outside, to the right of the garden are steps with a gate that leads out to lots of trees, he confirms he uses these steps a lot and through the gate is his favourite walk.
Scarily all of this is accurate and true. The steps and gate are access to the house and bring you out into the car park and lane up to the house. Max is taken for a walk three times a day down the lane, which is lined with trees.
His Family
When asked about his family he shows me an image of his Dad sitting on the sofa and Mum in the chair.
Mum – loves her very much and goes to her for cuddles and tummy tickles, he likes lying on his side for this.
Scott - he confirms he sees him as a play thing and loves being lifted on the floor when playing with him.
Annie – sees her as a mother figure.
This is so funny and totally agree with him seeing Scott as a play thing! He loves playing tug with Scott, which normally involves Scott lifting Max up off the floor whilst still attached to the toy.
I asked him about Murphy, the other family pet who passed away about two years ago.
He misses Murphy, but is not sad. He is not grieving and is very matter of fact about Murphy passing, confirming it was his time to go.
He felt protected by Murphy as he knew he wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.
Murphy and Max did everything together and really looked out for each other. He is very right Murphy made it to 18 so I understand it was his time to go.
Max confirmed he really doesn’t like cats and will push against you to get to them.
So true!!
A new addition
The family wanted to know how Max would feel about them getting another dog.
Max confirmed he prefers being the centre of attention, not sure about another dog but if there was one it would have to be a big dog. If there was to be a new dog he would have to be involved in the choosing. He would give a huge sign to confirm the right dog.
I asked Max to show me the kind of dog he would like he showed me a large dog, same breed as Murphy (Golden Retriever) and male.
This is really good to know as we were considering a female Jack Russell but looks like we will just have to let Max choose if we do decide to get another pet.
Anything else?
Annie had not further questions or areas for clarification. I asked Max if there was anything else he would like to share.
Favourite bed - He showed me an image of a green bed and indicated this was his favourite.
When Gemma mentioned this it didn’t really ring any bells with me, I recalled a tartan one that may have been green but couldn’t be sure.
I discussed the communication with my Mum (who Max lives with) and she couldn’t remember him having a green bed and confirmed his current bed is brown. However, when I mentioned the tartan I remember she agreed and said she thinks this is stored under her bed.
The funniest thing is since moving house (about 4months ago) Max has been regularly disappearing under the bed and going to sleep. My Mum checked whilst on the phone to me and confirmed his green bed (tartan on one side, green on other) was right in the corner under the bed with what can only be described as a Max shaped whole in it!
Other bits – The house is high up and there is something underneath but there is no-one living there.
They have a large cellar underneath the house.
He thinks he can overcome anything and he is top dog...very much the man of the house.
We know!
Additional comments
Before doing the communication I checked my Mum was happy with me doing it, which she was.  Although I didn’t let on when I would be speaking with Gemma.
When I called her after the communication and explained I had just spoken with Gemma her response was this: “Oh well that explains why Max has been driving me mad all evening. He was in and out of the garden, in the bedroom, in his bed then behind the sofa. He was acting like he was giving someone a tour of the place!”
“He also kept running to the door like he does when there is someone there or hears a car.”

Friday, 9 July 2010

New logo & New look!

You'll probably notice I have a new logo! My colleague Gareth designed this for me & I'm really really chuffed with it! I thought that the blog deserved a new look to go with the new logo, I hope you all like it.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fudge's tail

Owners feedback in red

This is my first communication with a client with me, along with their pet. As with the photo the results were the same and the communication flowed in the same way – much to my relief! Fudge is another First for me as she was not only my first ‘face to face’ communication but also my first Rabbit!

She came across as very confident, independent and happy in her own skin. She likes to feel loved but she’d not needy for affection of fuss.
She seems to be very confident in herself and she never comes over for fuss unless she wants it – on her terms only

One of her favourite things to do is shred paper! I see her doing this with her back legs. Food wise she prefers dry biscuits over carrots and other veg.
We lay paper under the sawdust and she loves to play with it and pull it up – if there is paper in the house when she is in with us that gets nibbled at the corners! Food wise she doesn’t like carrot or apple but prefers to pick out her biscuits from the food bowl and leave the rest

Out of the whole family she seems to prefer Phe.
Yeah Phe loves Fudge and it is her responsibility to fill up her food bowl and water (with help from mummy!) every morning as it is meant to be her rabbit – Corey is very loud and just loves chasing Fudge

Her favourite place in the house is under the computer table, in the living room.
Yes she is sat there now as I’m typing this up!

When asked what she thought of Harvey (my cat who visits her most days) she confirmed they are friends. The black cat that visits is more threatening though.
I totally agree!!
GB Notes: When Harvey took up his usual spot ontop of Fudge's hutch she got more animated and started to run around her hutch, stopping every so often to stand on her back legs and stretch up to Harvey, he also laid down and tried to stretch his paws to her. She did'nt seem scared ie hiding in the other part of her hutch that Harvey can't see into. They both seemed genuinely happy to be around one another - very sweet!

When asked if she likes cuddles she confirmed that she does but on her terms.
Yes this is true!

When asked why she turns her toilet area up I got the impression back that she’s quite particular and would like her hutch cleaned out more often. She spends quite a bit of time in her hutch so she doesn’t want it to be dirty.
I clean her hutch out once a week but have told her I will clean it out twice a week and see if she is happier with that in a few weeks time

She doesn’t seem to like toys, she prefers making her own fun. When I pictured her with another rabbit and asked her if she’d like a play mate I got the impression they’d have fun together so something to think about. We bought her some toys which she never bothers about – she prefers to run around her hutch – in terms of another rabbit – we might consider this when we can afford a bigger hutch and a new playmate!! Maybe we could try a mirror!!!

When I asked her if there was anything that would make her happier she showed me an image of someone grooming her with a soft brush. At that point Harvey joined us all. She also gave me the impression she’d like a long run so she can be outside in the elements but safe and have more space to move around. Finally the demanding little rabbit asked for a bigger hutch!
My husband said he will make her one at the weekend – typical female – all want want want!!

I asked Fudge if she’d use a litter tray if there was one placed under the computer table and I got an image of her using it so fingers crossed!
I have just placed her litter tray under the table and she did her business right next to it – so I’ve moved it to where she just went and am awaiting the results!!!

She feels safe in her hutch as it’s her space and she feels loved and content living with the Gammond family.

Mandy has agreed to make a run for her, clean her out twice a week instead of once a week & put a litter tray under the computer table where she tends to ‘go’ when in the house. Mandy’s going to try this for a month & then we’ll chat again.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mrs Snookums' tail

Mrs Snookums is the first communication I've done with the pets owner sat with me whilst I communicated using a photo. A big step forward for me - thank you Wookums for your clear and concise communication!

Owners feedback in red

Wookums came in & brushed against my legs then sat looking at me as if to say “Come on… lets’ start”! He’s very confident.

I get an image of him sleeping stretched right out & when he gets up from sleeping he has a good old stretch. Overall he’s healthy and has no aches or pains.
He stretches his whole body out when he sleeps, and when he gets ups he arches his back up and stretches his legs.

Talking about Leah he says she’s very gentle with him and he’s not scared of anyone. Men, women; he’s confident around everyone and happy.
Yes, he goes up to anyone looking for a cuddle or a fuss

One of his favourite things is biscuits! He doesn’t really like toys as he seems to be able to amuse himself outside.
Yeah! He loves his bag of biscuits. We bought him toy mice and a scratching post but he never bothers with them – he likes to scratch on the decking.

He didn’t like where he was living before so decided to move in with Leah’s family. He wasn’t ill treated, just wanted to move on! He knows he’s spoilt and so I get the feeling he won’t move on from the home he has with Leah’s family. He’s very easy going!
That’s nice to know

I ask him to show me or tell me some things so I can validate with Leah that I’m communicating with him. He shows me an image of him sitting in front of the TV watching it. He also shows me sat waiting for someone to open the door for him & looking up as if to say “Well come on, open it for me then!” He also showed me running upstairs so I got the impression it was his favourite part of the house.
He does watch the TV, and he doesn’t have a cat flap so we have to open the door for him, and you’re spot on with the look he gives! He always tries to go upstairs to sleep on the beds if he can get away with it; he quite often sleeps on the upstairs landing if he can’t get into a bedroom.

When he wanders off he doesn’t go far, he just has people/ houses he visits every now and again, as if he’s visiting friends. I get the impression he knows he’s got it good so can’t see him leaving to live with anyone else permanently.
That’s good; I worry when he disappears for a few days!

What a lovely cat with a lovely strong energy, I really enjoyed communicating with him and he made me smile with some of the images he showed me. Thank you Wookums!

Maudie's tail

Owners feedback in red

1. How do you feel physically?
“Bright as a button, light as a feather, full of life & feeling fit”

2. How do you feel physically when you run?
I see her tearing after poor Brutus, running rings round him. She’s spritely & full of energy – she teases him by running 1 way, then quickly turning & running the other way – he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going but seems to enjoy it all the same.

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I’m up & at em, ready to start the day. I go & wake Brutus up, he’s lazier than me”.

4. How do you feel physically after eating?
“Fine, no problems there".

5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?
“I run (function) at 100mph, I love life, I want to do it all NOW, there aren’t enough hours in the day for the fun that is to be had!”

6. Do you like to play?
“Oh yes” – I see her chasing after Brutus. “I love chasing a ball”. I see it being bounced in front of her to entice her then she legs it.... at 100mph!!

7. What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?
“Being with Brutus – we have such fun. He loves life too”.

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
I see her turning her back end towards me & I get the feeling she likes her ears rubbed.

9. How do you feel about other dogs?
“I like them if they’re full of life like me”.

10. How do you feel with people?
women – She’s sitting very obediently but has a cheeky look (as if she’s playing at being good to please you).
men – Men seem to make her excited & playful. I see her running around a man in circles.
children – I see her looking after a small boy & girl softly & adoringly. She says “I love to snuggle with them”.

11. I repeated your name to get her reaction
I see her sitting obediently looking up lovingly & raises her paw to you (almost in a human kind of a way not an asking for treats kind of way).

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Just love, tell her I’m so happy, couldn’t be happier in fact! I’m a lucky girl who fell on her feet... paws!”

13. Is there any way I can help you through this communication?

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know
“I love to run in circles – I get dizzy”. “I’m always raising my paw to them”. “I sleep on their bed (I’m not supposed to)!”

Monday, 5 July 2010

Rosie's tail

Rosie came into the room & when I asked her if I could communicate she came over to me & rubbed around my legs – I took that as a yes!
Yes, she can be a bit of a weaver around the legs!

When I asked her how she feels physically she shakes her back left leg. She says it feels a bit creaky and achy. She wants me to tell you that Glucosamine will help. Other than that she tells me she’s quite active for her age.
Quite right, she is very active for her age and yes I have sometimes seen her shaking a leg. She doesn't appear achy but possibly she is and I will take that on board.

When she gets up from sleeping she feels alright, apart from the aching at the back.
Rosie finds the most incredible places to sleep (I will try and send you a pic of one of her 'odd' places sometime!) so I am not surprised if she is achy on waking!

She likes her food but can be a fussy eater. She tells me her favourite food is fish.
True, she is very fussy. She always tells me she is starving and wants it all - but when you give her food, she will taste, sniff and walk away protesting loudly! Yes, she loves fish!!

When I asked her what she finds fun she told me that she likes to chase after flies when they’re low to the ground – they keep her entertained! She also likes to climb things.
Funnily enough, where we live, we have a period of about one month when some sort of bee/fly comes out of the ground, dries out its wings and flies around very close to the ground in circles. Rosie is fascinated with them! She is more interested in getting into funny places than climbing I think.

I asked her how she feels about Tess & she tells me she’s a lovely dog. She does tend to like to be the only cat rather than being amongst other cats though.
You are quite right. When Tess joined our 'flock' Rosie took to her immediately. However, you are right, she thinks she is top cat and likes to think she ishould be the only cat

She tells me that you Tessa are so lovely, calm & loyal. She says that you love all of them & they love you in return. She wants me to tell you that you’re good at this too. I am to tell you to believe what you’re hearing when you’re communicating! Rosie asked me to help you – I’ll help in any way I can!

She describes herself as loyal & loving, she can be a loner but does need everyone – be it on her terms sometimes. She tells me she can be scatty & does like to play when the mood takes her. She loves life!
Oh how lovely! I am so pleased that she feels that about me - I hope she is right as that is probably how I & others would describe myself, but I thank you for helping me as well.... Rosie herself IS a loyal and loving cat but you are so right, everything is always on HER terms. She thinks she is a dog - she is a loner - but she loves people around her and as soon as she hears the car come down the track, she is out there to greet us. She does love life!

I asked her to tell me something only you & her know & this is what she told me:

She tends to scratch at things, it drives everyone mad but she loves it! She likes the chunky wooden table leg of the kitchen table the most. She also tells me she has a spotty bed & she loves fir trees (to climb).
Not sure about the spotty bed but yes, we do have an old pine kitchen table and although I am not aware of her scratching it, she probably does when I am not about! It is so old that I wouldn't lnow anyway. Yes, we have fir trees in our garden and she does go up them!!

At the end of the communication I say good-bye & I give her my love & a kiss to the head (as I do with my cats). She reciprocates by nudging her head into me. What a lovely energy she has!
You are right, she has a lovely energy although she is a real madam when she wants to be!

Thanks for this Gem - a very good communicatin I think - you have certainly got the measure of Rosie through your communication. - Well done!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Brutus's tail

Human companion's feedback in red

1. How do you feel physically?

“I’m well, I’m spritely, no aches or pains”.

Very true

2. How do you feel physically when you run?

“I tend to lumber, I’m not a greyhound!” I see him looking quite ungainly as he runs. He says he has no aches or pains when running.

Very true, he walks very slowly

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?

“I’m fine, fit as a fiddle”.


4. How do you feel physically after eating?

“I get a bit of tummy ache but it’s nothing to worry about. I think it’s just common in my breed”.


5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?

“I’m fun & loving, I love my kisses & cuddles. I can be mischievous at times but I mean no harm”.


6. Do you like to play?

“Yes it’s one of my favourite things”.

He loves to play

7. What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?

“Lolloping around after things. Me & Maudie play tig & she’s a lot quicker than me so tends to win”. I asked if he had a favourite toy & he said “I like rags”! He also said “I enjoy skidding on smooth floors”.

Very true about the playing Maudie is always faster and wins all the time,

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?

“On my belly, it drives me wild”!

He loves his back stoked especially his shoulders as they have to support his huge chest, we never really rub his belly

9. How do you feel about other dogs?

“I like to cuddle up to Maudie – she makes me feel safe. I love her & she loves me. I tend to steer away from other dogs”.

Very true but he also loves other dogs

10. How do you feel with people?

women – I see him licking & leaning against them.

men – “I love them just as much”.

children – He wouldn’t answer for a while & when I asked for a word to describe children he said “Noisy” (which is interesting considering he’s deaf)?! I did struggle to get this answer so wouldn’t be surprised if I put words into his mouth.

He has very noisy children around him so this is also true

11. I repeated your name to get his reaction

I see him nudging his head into yours – he’s full of love.

Bless him

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?

“That I love her & thank her”.


13. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?

“No, I’m just thankful for the opportunity”.

He is also very good with sign language

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know

“I used to jump up but now I don’t – they’re very proud. I like to nudge my head into people I love. I love biscuits”.

All true