Monday, 16 August 2010

Beaver's tail

After communicating with Beaver in a distant (telephone) communication, where I have a photo in front of me & the pets owner on the end of the phone, I received the following feedback from Jenny (Beaver's Mum).

When Beaver wants something he is inclined to put his head over to the right hand side like you said.

He does like looking into water. There is a particular corner of our fish pond that fascinates him and we cannot see what he is looking at (the fish are usually at the other end) and there are trees behind him along the road which we can see from our garden.

He does always seem to be wanting to please and looking for commands especially when we are out walking. As if it’s a case of am I doing it right, do I go this way or that..

He is certainly a Mum's boy and gets very agitated if he can't find me.

Toys - he is not bother with and we have to get him to play ball.  Edwin has just tried to get him out in the garden now but he has come upstairs and is sitting on the landing watching me. Has to know where I am all the time.

His bed is blue and oval with a liner like you described.

I wonder if the young couple and a baby were his owners in early life or the last. When we adopted him a lady only had him for 9 months and brought him back because he had been growling at her 3 children. (There is no aggression in him whatsoever and he is not  bothered if young children are around him or stroking him). Perhaps another baby came on the scene and that's why he came back. They couldn't cope so the dog had to go. (As happens in many cases!)  I really think his last owner loved him because he came with a lovely bed etc and the people at the kennels said she was so upset he couldn't ask her any questions.

He does work a lot with his nose to the ground.

He certainly likes chicken but he is fed on dry food but does have meat now and again (my neighbour usually brings leftovers over for him).  Chicken and rice is usually when he has an upset tummy but he will eat anything.

He does like his home.  When we take him on holiday he is usually OK for the first week and then does not want to eat.  I have to hand feed him but as soon as he is back home he is back to normal eating.

He did have a hair cut and bath on the 29th July.

He would not go on the sofa at first - just didn't seem to like it but now when we use our lounge (we sit in our little room a lot) sometimes he asks to come up.

I do think he has a lot going on in his mind.  I am always reassuring him that we love him very much and that he is not going anywhere and has nothing to worry about.  Each night when he goes to bed I tell him how much we love him and not to worry. We will always be there for him.

If I can help any more or you want to talk to Beaver again, no problem. I certainly think you had a lot of things right and I am fascinated about the looking into water.

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