Thursday, 30 September 2010

What is Animal Communication & How does it work?

I've chatted to many people about Animal Communication. Some look at you like you're crazy (understandable really), some are intrigued & some are like minded & are excited at the prospect of being able to better communicate with their pets. There are also the synics but I'm not doing this to prove anything to anyone so I don't waste my time on worrying about them.

It occured to me that this Blog can look a little weird to people who haven't chatted to me as it looks like I sit down with an animal, write a load of stuff on my Blog that they've 'told me' & expect people to know what it's all about. So I've decided to write a little on WHAT animal communication is & HOW it works. That way you can make up your own mind on what you think of it all. If you have any further questions though I love talking about it so get in touch.


What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is a form of communication between a human and animal based on feelings.

How does Animal Communication work?

We all have feelings including animals. During a communication I quieten my mind to pick up on the animals feelings, I then interpret the information I receive to the animals owner. We all have the ability to communicate in this way but over the years have forgotten how. Have you every been upset and noticed that your pet has picked up on your mood? This is because they've picked up on your feelings as they're very sensitive creatures. 

To communicate with an animal all I need is a photo of them, their name, age and gender. It works best if their owner is on the phone or in front of me whilst I communicate as it turns into a 3 way communication with the animal, owner and myself.

There's nothing spooky about it, it's a completely natural way of communicating & just because animals don't have a voice it doesn#t mean they can't communicate. Us Humans could learn a lot from animals if only we let our barriers down & opened our minds.

Well that's the basics! There's not much to it is there!? So if you get a 'gut feeling' that your cat isn't feeling quite himself then that's him communicating with you so listen.

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