Monday, 21 June 2010

Marv's tail

Owners feedback in red

1. How do you feel physically?
I see him flap his wings strongly & he says “As fit as a fiddle”.

- Nice, he’s never been ill and is always alert.

2. How do you feel physically when you fly?

“I’m weightless as I glide”. I ask if it gives him enjoyment & he says “Of course, it’s what I’m built for”. I asked as a pet does he get enough opportunity to fly & he says “Yes, I’m not caged up, I’ve got my freedom”.

- He’s always out daily. Erina loves to walk around with him on her head.

3. How do you feel emotionally?

“I’m happy & care free”.

- Ah good, he does come across as a very contented Cockatiel.

4. What’s your character like?

“I’m funny – I always crack jokes”. “I’m loving & playful” “I’m a real performer”. I ask him how he’s a performer & he says “I dance”. I feel myself want to duck my head up & down & move side to side & it makes me laugh. He continues “I like to dance & like to sing, I sing along to the telly, I could be on X Factor!” I ask him “So you’re good?” & he replies “Oh the best, you just ask Erina”. I ask if they dance together & he says “Yes she dances around & I show her my moves”.”Our house is full of fun”.

- Marv likes to ‘wolf whistle’ and he tries to whistle ‘Puppy Power’ from Scooby-Doo.

Erina is always dancing and singing around Marv in the conservatory.

5. What’s your favourite food?

“Potato skin & pumpkin seeds”.

- We’ve never given him potato skins* and I don’t think pumpkin seeds are in his mix. Maybe we’ll try him on some.

6. How do you feel with people?

women – “They feed me & look after me – carers”.

men – “They’re playful & funny”.

children – “They’re the funniest of them all & they join in”.

- Get in there.
7. I repeated your name to get his reaction

“Ha ha he’s hysterical, he makes me laugh all the time”.

- Brilliant

8. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to Martin?

“Just to keep on laughing & enjoy life”.

- Thanks.

9. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?

“You can tell them to play more music, I love to dance”.
“More potato!”

- OK, more music it is! We will try him on potato, see how he likes it.
About a week after the communication Martin emailed me to say his partner Becky had just gave Marv some potato & he went mental for it!!

10. Tell me something only you & Martin would know

“I like to hop around like a kangaroo – it makes them all laugh and I hang upside down & swing forward & backward”. “I like to bob my head to the music”.

- He doesn’t do any of that but he does run around in the bottom of his cage when he’s hungry though.

11. What’s your favourite song?

“I like Rock, they say I rock out”.

- Maybe he likes Rock music when it’s on the radio? As I don’t have any rock music.

12. Martin wants to know are you definitely male?

“Of course I am, look at me”.

- Yeah, we’ve always thought he was.

Marv came across as very happy and confident within himself. He’s full of love for life & his family.

- We’re glad he’s happy!

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