Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Client testimonial - Diana & Sweety

Diana contacted me, asking me if I could communicate with her cat Sweety, who she was separated from due to a relationship break up. I communicated with Sweety on two occasions to help Diana and Sweety stay connected and find peace with their situation.

Here is Diana's testimonial following two phone consultations:

"Hi Gemma,

Thank you again for helping me connect and communicate with Sweety. 
Since the break up of my relationship I have been missing her deeply and have not been able to get over the pain of being separated from her. I could not see a way forward and was in a desperate and hopeless state when I contacted you. Since our last 2 sessions of communicating with Sweety I can see the situation in a different light . Just to know that she is ok and well looked after and that she still loves me has shifted so much for me. I still miss her every day, but am now stronger knowing that even if I can't see her and be with her everyday, I can communicate with her through you. I am so relieved and can finally breathe out my worries and anxieties. It has made a huge difference to me knowing that she's just a phone call away.

What a lovely gift animal communication is and what a blessing to have you as a channel for communicating with my lovely cat.

Thank you from me and Sweety,

With Love,


Both consultations were carried out over the phone, I communicated with Sweety using a photo of her.

People book consultations with me for many reasons, you don't have to have a problem with your pet, you can ask or tell your pet anything during a consultation... it's like a conversation between you & them with me acting as interpreter/ translator.

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