Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Client testimonial - Simon & Ozzy


Some time ago my brother Simon (who doesn't live near to me) asked me to communicate with his much loved family dog Ozzy (who has sadly passed away since), I knew Ozzy well & communicated with him on many occasions & even taught my young Nephew & Brother how to communicate with him themselves. This is my brother Simon's testimonial following one consultation:

"I have just got off of Skype with Gemma following her communication with my Staffy, Ozzy.

Ozzy has been barking for no reason, urinating in the house with no scratching at the door first and generally acting oddly.

My wife and I were concerned that our beloved pet was nearing his end, which was heart breaking.

So, in a bid to get to the root of the problem, I contacted Gemma.

After a communication lasting twenty minutes, Gemma was able to allay most of my fears by telling me that although Ozzy is displaying signs of dementia he is happy and knows that he is loved.

The barking and weeing issues are just a result of his confusion, not a display of bad behaviour or physiological illness or injury.

I felt much much better after talking it through with Gemma, and especially as she left me with ways that I can help Ozzy enjoy his time left with our family.

I would recommend Gemma's services to anyone wanting a more full understanding and appreciation of their relationship with the animals that we choose to spend our lives alongside.

Thank you Gemma."

This communication was carried out over Skype, I communicated with Ozzy using a photo of him.

People book consultations with me for many reasons, you don't have to have a problem with your pet, you can ask or tell your pet anything during a consultation... it's like a conversation between you & them with me acting as interpreter/ translator.

If you would like to book a consultation for you & your beloved pet please click here.

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