Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Client testimonial - Debbie & Tommy (in Spirit)

Debbie contacted me, asking me to communicate with her cat who had very recently passed over. She wasn't sure how long to leave it & I advised her (as I do with all my clients to go by how they feel), the communication with Tommy was lovely & seemed to take some of the darkness of grief away & bring some happiness back. Here's what Debbie said about her experience of the communication:

"Hiya Gemma

Thank you so much for the communication with Tommy last night and allowing Tommy and I to chat about how he really did feel and his health problems, along with if he passed over ok. Just to say wow, when Tommy said he had breathing problems, I noticed his chest moving strange, but he had a brain tumour, so why would Tommy tell me this? When I woke up the next day, I remembered just before the brain tumour was diagnosed he did have bronchitis, so that was definitely Tommy.  And when Tommy said he ate potatoes I was like no he didn't haha, then afterwards realised he used to pinch my chips of my plate every time I had them lol! And yes he never had a cat meow, it was a strange howl n growl like he said. What did it for me was when Tommy said tell her 'upside down with legs up' lol! He wouldn't let me go to work, nor would he let me go to sleep, until I'd tickled his belly for ages and just laid upside down for hours, Wow, I could carry on, but thank you so much and I've finally found out how old he really was.

Thank you so much Gemma and looking forward to chatting to Tommy with you again."

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