Friday, 2 July 2010

Brutus's tail

Human companion's feedback in red

1. How do you feel physically?

“I’m well, I’m spritely, no aches or pains”.

Very true

2. How do you feel physically when you run?

“I tend to lumber, I’m not a greyhound!” I see him looking quite ungainly as he runs. He says he has no aches or pains when running.

Very true, he walks very slowly

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?

“I’m fine, fit as a fiddle”.


4. How do you feel physically after eating?

“I get a bit of tummy ache but it’s nothing to worry about. I think it’s just common in my breed”.


5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?

“I’m fun & loving, I love my kisses & cuddles. I can be mischievous at times but I mean no harm”.


6. Do you like to play?

“Yes it’s one of my favourite things”.

He loves to play

7. What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?

“Lolloping around after things. Me & Maudie play tig & she’s a lot quicker than me so tends to win”. I asked if he had a favourite toy & he said “I like rags”! He also said “I enjoy skidding on smooth floors”.

Very true about the playing Maudie is always faster and wins all the time,

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?

“On my belly, it drives me wild”!

He loves his back stoked especially his shoulders as they have to support his huge chest, we never really rub his belly

9. How do you feel about other dogs?

“I like to cuddle up to Maudie – she makes me feel safe. I love her & she loves me. I tend to steer away from other dogs”.

Very true but he also loves other dogs

10. How do you feel with people?

women – I see him licking & leaning against them.

men – “I love them just as much”.

children – He wouldn’t answer for a while & when I asked for a word to describe children he said “Noisy” (which is interesting considering he’s deaf)?! I did struggle to get this answer so wouldn’t be surprised if I put words into his mouth.

He has very noisy children around him so this is also true

11. I repeated your name to get his reaction

I see him nudging his head into yours – he’s full of love.

Bless him

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?

“That I love her & thank her”.


13. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?

“No, I’m just thankful for the opportunity”.

He is also very good with sign language

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know

“I used to jump up but now I don’t – they’re very proud. I like to nudge my head into people I love. I love biscuits”.

All true

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