Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bruce's Tail

The cheeky chappy Bruce
Testimonial from Vicky:

I called Gemma to help me communicate with my horse Bruce as he had been behaving strangely under saddle and I really felt something was wrong with him. I had 2 vets out who both pronounced him sound and people were starting to tell me it was just all behavioural. So I called Gemma to see if Bruce could tell me himself.

Thanks Gemma it was a really interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. It was fabulous to get an insight into Bruce and understand his personality more. He was as I expected, a cheeky pony with bags of personality. I didn’t realise how long an hours consultation would be and how many questions I’d be able to ask. So not only did we discuss any medical issues, I got to find out what Bruce though of pretty much everything, we even addressed his dislike of me putting sun cream on his nose. Through Gemma Bruce said he was a happy horse but had the occasional pain in his front right leg, though there was nothing obvious to treat.

When I saw Bruce after the consultation, it was like something had changed, I felt much closer to him and he was more responsive to me. We even tried what was suggested with the sun cream and he was much better.

A month later Bruce went very lame is his hind leg and I called the vet again. This time he referred me to another vet. Yesterday I found after a full lameness work up that the hind legs were a bit of a red herring and that his main source of lameness was his front right leg, just as Gemma had told me!

I’d recommend to anyone using Gemma, whether you have questions you want to ask or if you’d like to get a better understanding of your animal all in all it was areally positive experience.

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  1. Great name - beautiful horse! Well done Gemma on the lameness - amazing!. Hope Bruce is doing better now.