Friday, 14 May 2010

'Loopy' Lucy's tail

Lucy belongs to my Dad & Step Mum, they adopted her recently so I've not had the pleasure of meeting her face to face. It was still more difficult to communicate at times, as I was worried that I was 'putting words' into my head.

Here's how the chat went, as usual - owners feedback is in red (d) for Dad and (w) for Wendy.

1.       How do you feel physically?
“Oh I’m fine all over” I ask “What, nothing wrong at all?” & she says “No, I’m absolutely fine”
w- Well, the vet agrees with her! Good to know
d - Quite correct, she had a thorough check over by our vet – tip top condition
 2.       How do you feel physically when you run?
“Again I’m fine, I’m only young”
w- Yes, she seems really fit and likes to run
d – She is what she is, a fit 2 year old in great condition
 3.       How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I yawn & stretch, I do a BIG yawn” (I see her front paws out stretched)
w- Yes, that’s true she does do a big yawn and a massive stretch; but it’s her back legs that are stretched out
d – She does stretch just after she wakes up
 4.       How do you feel physically after eating?
“I feel full & content but I do love my food”
w- That’s so funny!  That is exactly how she appears, can’t get enough of it!
d – No argument there!  She didn’t know how to tackle feed bowls when we first got her, but really loves her food.
 5.       How do you feel emotionally?
“I did feel sad but I’m feeling heaps happier now” I ask “Why were you sad?”, she replied “No one wanted me” I reassure her “You know you won’t be changing homes again, you’re here to stay” & she said “I know, they’re good to me”
w- That’s true she wasn’t wanted.  I’m glad she knows this is her home for ever and is happy.  The uncertainty of a new home would have been unsettling originally.
d- I never noticed the sad bit, but her eyes have changed.  I saw that in the photo’s we have taken since she arrived.  Her eyes look happy.
 6.       What’s your character like?
I say to her “I hear you’re Loopy, is that right?” & she says “Oh I’m definitely loopy” (I see her hyper, chasing her tail). I say to her that I already knew she was Loopy from what I’d heard so needed something else about her character so I could prove she WAS talking to me, she said “I can be a deep thinker, I think a lot”. I asked what she thinks about & she said “Oh not a lot really, just what’s going on around me”
w- I’d never thought of this before, but I think you’re right she watches everything.
D – Haven’t seen her chase her tail, she gets very ‘hyper’ when she see’s us first thing, then she becomes calm.
 7.       Do you like to play?
“Oh yes!!” (I see her sat in front of someone waiting eagerly for something to be thrown, she’s so excited with the anticipation)
w- She does get excited when I throw toys for Brenna, but she doesn’t appear to get the objective (i.e. she is suppose to chase it and bring it back! – we’re working on that one!)
d – Maybe it’s the type of play – she gets all excited when I play rough with Brenny, but doesn’t join in, much like Neive used to do.  We’ve tried toys, but again, she doesn’t seem to know what they are for.
 8.       What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?
“Chasing after Brenna & watching telly” (I see her sat in front of it).
w- This is brilliant!  She loves telly; I have never known a dog sit in front of the TV for so long, total fasciations! 
D – She probably does this when we are to work in the pen.  I’ve noticed both of their coats are muddy when we get home, I guess  they have been playing.
Definitely watches TV, Wendy & I find that so funny!  She actually pay facing the box the other night & was enthralled by what was going on.  Funnily enough, it was about dogs, lol.
 9.       Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
(She rolls over immediately) so I say “your tummy?” & she says “Oh yes it sends me to heaven” (I see her eyes roll back)
w- Good to know,  I wasn’t sure how she felt about her belly over her chest
d – I’ve scratched her tummy a few times & she certainly loves it.
 10.   How do you feel about other dogs?
“They’re lovely, I especially like my new friend”.
w- That’s good, they do seem to have bonded on both sides.
D – When we’ve seen her around other dogs, her tail is going & she certainly seems to enjoy being around them, big or small.
 11.   How do you feel with people?
women – “Oh they’re nice, I tend to do what they say”
men – “The same, I pretty much like everyone”
children – “I’ll tolerate them, yeah they’re ok”
w- She does what I say only when she can contain her excitement, I know there is no malice or intent to be disobedient there at all
d – She doesn’t always listen to Wendy, more to me.  Difficult to say about children!
 12.   I repeated your names to get her reaction
Wendy: I see her sat obediently & rolls over lovingly/ playfully. (I see this as her respecting you but also loving you & finding you fun).  w- This is true; I think she does see me as more loving/playing. D - Agree
Brian: He’s a big man & can be scary but he loves me.  D - I have the same reaction from kids until they get to know me!  I’m glad she knows she is loved.
I ask “Do you love them?” & she says “Oh yes, I couldn’t ask for better owners”.  w- Good – I’m glad she’s happy with us
13.   Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your humans?
“Peace & love” “Respect – that’s important”
w- Interesting response from her –  she sounds almost like a ‘hippie chick’!
d – Ok, noted – I think we certainly respect our dog friends.
 14.   Is there any way I can help you through this communication?
“Just listen & repeat everything I say”.
w- Wow –  she sounds quite a bossy madam here
d – Bossy so & so!
 15.   Tell me something only you & your human would know.
“I like to sit & wait for my ball to be thrown”. I also get a picture of her lay in front of the TV. I also see her licking some ones face – there’s lots of love with these licks!!
w- See above about the ball – she doesn’t appear to know what to do.  Laying in front of the TV absolutely.  And the licking the face, we have been teaching her about kisses and she’s has just learnt that this means licks on the face.
D - Not a great one with toys, & doesn’t yet understand about the ball throwing thing.  Certainly the TV, she often watches once something has caught her attention.  Doesn’t really lick – hasn’t got the hang of that yet.  She watches Breeny ‘kiss’, but hasn’t ‘kissed’ me too often.  Perhaps I’m too scary?
This is interesting as I noticed Lucy only showed me being excited & sat waiting for something to be thrown, she didn't then show me running & chasing it. She obviously is excited but doesn't realise what the whole game entails.
16.   (a) Did you have a good start in life? (b) Were you treated well? (c) How did you come to a rescue centre?
(a)    “It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst” w- true – could have been much worse!
(b)   Not as well as I am now!
(c)    The people didn’t want me, they weren’t experienced enough”. w- Very true, I don’t thing they cared
D - About what we were told for a) & b).  Interesting for c), they ‘expected’ her to ‘toliet’ in the bushes , but didn’t teach her!
17.   How do you feel living with your new guardians?
“I love it here, it’s so much fun & there’s loads of space”
w- I’m glad she’s happy (makes me feel good inside)
d – She certainly seems content.  Has even started rolling onto her back.  Big BIG sign of confidence in her surroundings.
 18.   How do you feel about Brenna?
“She’s a big cuddly thing, she’s lovely” I ask if there’s anything else, she says “I think we’ll be good friends one day”. I ask why one day? She says “She needs to get used to me”. I tell Lucy I’m sure Brenna will get used to her & she replies “I’m sure she will too”.
w- I think this is also very true, I believe Brenna is a little shocked at how hyper Lucy gets at times which takes her back.  But Brenna did really seem to miss Lucy when she went into the Vets overnight for her spaying op.
D - You know Brenny is the ‘Princess’ & Lucy is a young dog, but on the whole, I think they get on well together.  I get the feeling Lucy see’s her as a big sister?

W - This is great info Gem – great job, thank you!  Overall, it seems Lucy is quite a confident dog and a happy one which is great.  I’m sure the confidence will come through more and more as she settles into her new life.


  1. INteresting pst script on #15 Gem, that is 'spot on'. We try all sorts to get her to chase, but she is more excited with the 'anticipation' than the game.