Monday, 10 May 2010

Pola's tail - Pola was re-homed some years ago but his previous owners asked me to chat to him.

Feedback from Pola's previous owners in red

1. How do you feel physically?

“Oh I’m fit, I’ve got so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. My joints can get a bit achey at times”.
Pola always had more than enough energy - I'm sure that as he’s older his joints ache.

2. How do you feel physically when you run?
I see him haring round a field, chasing something, darting this way & that. He may be playing tig or chase with another dog – he loves it.
was always chasing Kai around the house backwards and forwards - defiantly tag or chase!

3. How do you feel physically when you get up from sleeping?
“I’m fine, it takes me a little longer to get up than it used to”.
Sure this is correct now he’s older

4. How do you feel physically after eating?
“I just want to lay down.” I see him laid down head between paws. He scoffs his food down & has a healthy appetite.
Pola was always hungry - he used to eat his food so fast that he never chewed it and it would come out the sides of his mouth and slobber everywhere!

5. How do you feel emotionally? What’s your character like?
“I’m a wise old soul, I have a lot to teach, I’m loyal and obedient but I can have my scatty moments”. I ask him if he’s happy “Oh yes I’m happy – I’m here teaching!”
He was always a happy dog - and scatty

6. Do you like to play?
“Oh yes, my favourite game has to be chase & I love running after a ball”
He never had a ball with us as they tended to demolish them with in 5 mins, but he loved to play with Kai

7. What do you find fun? What do you enjoy doing?
“I like to protect my owners, it makes me feel important”. I tell him he must be doing a good job & he says “Oh I like to think so”.
Yes he used to look out the window as if he was protecting us

8. Where do you like to be stroked/scratched?
“On my chest the most”.
Spot on it was his favourite place

9. How do you feel about other animals (same species)?
“I’m the leader so they all follow & respect me. I’m the Boss, but I’m fair”
He was always the underdog out of the 3 of them as he came to us last and was the youngest – that’s not to say that things haven't changed now!

10. How do you feel with people?
women – He looks adoringly “they need looking after”
men – He shys away from them, seems to cower & be a bit scared.
children – He’s showing him hugging them (protectively), he feels he has to protect them as he’s good at it.
He loved everyone but was a little more wary with men.

11. I repeated your name to get his reaction
I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach like love & when you’re parting from a loved one/ partner. “I understand why she had to let me go”. I asked him why he had to go & he said “Everything was changing & I didn’t fit in”. Again I get a strong feeling of love. I asked “Do you feel sad about it now” & he said “No, I fully understand & I’m really happy now”.
We had to re-home our dogs as our lifes got turned upside down and everything changed in a short space of time – I’m glad that he understood why.

12. Is there anything/ any feeling you’d like to communicate to your human?
“Tell her not to beat herself up about it. She did a good job”. (Feeling of love again). “Tell her to be happy”.
We regularly think of the dogs and wish we knew where they were - we do punish ourselves for having to rehome them

13. Is there any way I can help you with through this communication?
“Help me to help others on this quest. Don’t be belittled. Be strong”.
Think this relates more to Gemma

14. Tell me something only you & your human would know
“When I was a pup I skidded on the kitchen floor” (Like a rolling ball of white fluff).
“I used to sneeze when I was young. I think it was the flowers!”
I asked for more & he gave me this image:

I’m looking at a house with a path up to the front door, the door is in the middle & there’s garden either side of the door. Through the front door are stairs immediately ahead & a lounge to the left, you can see right through to the garden through doors or a window. There’s a big tree in the garden to the right as I look at the front door. There’s a low wall to the front of the garden with a gap for the path. Cars are parked on the road.

Yes Pola would run in from the garden - try to slip and skid all the way through the kitchen!
Flowers did make him sneeze and he did lots in a row - very funny to watch!
This describes exactly the layout of our house we had Pola in - very acturate!!

I forgot to thank him so came back & thanked him & apologised. He said “Don’t worry, you’re learning”. He seemed to take it in his stride, like it was nothing out of the ordinary for him!

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