Thursday, 22 July 2010

Max's tail

Health issues or pain
Referring to his legs and hip area he confirmed he has no pain and is use to how it feels and doesn’t like taking medication such as tablets.
Just over 12 months ago Max had a back operation. We first noticed he was behaving oddly, such as suddenly lying down when out on walks and refusing to move, dragging his back legs first thing in the morning, or lifting one of his back legs when running. We took him to the vets a few times over the next few weeks and they diagnosed a stomach problem and gave him a course of antibiotics.
Unfortunately these didn’t solve the problem and about a week later Max lost the use of his back legs. We then contacted a specialist who diagnosed a spinal issue. Max had an operation and cage rest for eight weeks whilst learning to use his back legs again.
He had a lot of medication over this period and will now run a mile if you try and give him a tablet...even when wrapped in chicken or cheese!
Always on the go. Very strong character, doesn’t lack self confidence. Can be a little yappy but he is just trying to get his point across. Bit intimidated by other dogs.
He can always get what he wants, very determined, sees himself as a bigger dog.
This is so true. He can be very bossy and always gets his way!
Favourite things
Tearing around like a lunatic from one end to another, particularly showing me an image of a field.
Max greets most of the family (and visitors) by charging at them then running from one end of the room to the other! My parents have access to a field which Max loves as it hardly ever gets mown so he loves running through the long grass.
Loves to look and ponder, taking in his surroundings. Really likes his new home as it has more space than where he use to be.
He has recently moved to a new house with a lot more outdoor space. He never use to bother too much with the garden at the old house but he now loves just sitting and sniffing the air.
When excited loves to shake and throw things about. Like to watch people eating, in the hope of getting scraps!
He will happily grab the nearest thing to him when excited...a particular favourite is Scott’s slippers!  He is also very fond of human food, in particular teriyaki beef with rice and raw carrot.
Likes to sleep by the heater with the window above. When I asked him to indicate his favourite places he showed me an image of the living room window and the garden. When in the garden he has the house behind him, trees to the right, property or buildings to the left and lots of fields in front. He confirmed he loves to be up in the window to watch out as he has the same view as in the garden and he likes being higher up.
He is forever snuggling down by the heater, we try and stop him from doing this as it makes him shed so much hair!
I always lift him in to the window and he happily sits just watching, this explains why!
His surroundings
I asked Max to give me more details about his surroundings...
There is a big sofa along the wall which faces the window, looking out over the fields.
Outside, to the right of the garden are steps with a gate that leads out to lots of trees, he confirms he uses these steps a lot and through the gate is his favourite walk.
Scarily all of this is accurate and true. The steps and gate are access to the house and bring you out into the car park and lane up to the house. Max is taken for a walk three times a day down the lane, which is lined with trees.
His Family
When asked about his family he shows me an image of his Dad sitting on the sofa and Mum in the chair.
Mum – loves her very much and goes to her for cuddles and tummy tickles, he likes lying on his side for this.
Scott - he confirms he sees him as a play thing and loves being lifted on the floor when playing with him.
Annie – sees her as a mother figure.
This is so funny and totally agree with him seeing Scott as a play thing! He loves playing tug with Scott, which normally involves Scott lifting Max up off the floor whilst still attached to the toy.
I asked him about Murphy, the other family pet who passed away about two years ago.
He misses Murphy, but is not sad. He is not grieving and is very matter of fact about Murphy passing, confirming it was his time to go.
He felt protected by Murphy as he knew he wouldn’t let anyone hurt him.
Murphy and Max did everything together and really looked out for each other. He is very right Murphy made it to 18 so I understand it was his time to go.
Max confirmed he really doesn’t like cats and will push against you to get to them.
So true!!
A new addition
The family wanted to know how Max would feel about them getting another dog.
Max confirmed he prefers being the centre of attention, not sure about another dog but if there was one it would have to be a big dog. If there was to be a new dog he would have to be involved in the choosing. He would give a huge sign to confirm the right dog.
I asked Max to show me the kind of dog he would like he showed me a large dog, same breed as Murphy (Golden Retriever) and male.
This is really good to know as we were considering a female Jack Russell but looks like we will just have to let Max choose if we do decide to get another pet.
Anything else?
Annie had not further questions or areas for clarification. I asked Max if there was anything else he would like to share.
Favourite bed - He showed me an image of a green bed and indicated this was his favourite.
When Gemma mentioned this it didn’t really ring any bells with me, I recalled a tartan one that may have been green but couldn’t be sure.
I discussed the communication with my Mum (who Max lives with) and she couldn’t remember him having a green bed and confirmed his current bed is brown. However, when I mentioned the tartan I remember she agreed and said she thinks this is stored under her bed.
The funniest thing is since moving house (about 4months ago) Max has been regularly disappearing under the bed and going to sleep. My Mum checked whilst on the phone to me and confirmed his green bed (tartan on one side, green on other) was right in the corner under the bed with what can only be described as a Max shaped whole in it!
Other bits – The house is high up and there is something underneath but there is no-one living there.
They have a large cellar underneath the house.
He thinks he can overcome anything and he is top dog...very much the man of the house.
We know!
Additional comments
Before doing the communication I checked my Mum was happy with me doing it, which she was.  Although I didn’t let on when I would be speaking with Gemma.
When I called her after the communication and explained I had just spoken with Gemma her response was this: “Oh well that explains why Max has been driving me mad all evening. He was in and out of the garden, in the bedroom, in his bed then behind the sofa. He was acting like he was giving someone a tour of the place!”
“He also kept running to the door like he does when there is someone there or hears a car.”

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