Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fudge's tail

Owners feedback in red

This is my first communication with a client with me, along with their pet. As with the photo the results were the same and the communication flowed in the same way – much to my relief! Fudge is another First for me as she was not only my first ‘face to face’ communication but also my first Rabbit!

She came across as very confident, independent and happy in her own skin. She likes to feel loved but she’d not needy for affection of fuss.
She seems to be very confident in herself and she never comes over for fuss unless she wants it – on her terms only

One of her favourite things to do is shred paper! I see her doing this with her back legs. Food wise she prefers dry biscuits over carrots and other veg.
We lay paper under the sawdust and she loves to play with it and pull it up – if there is paper in the house when she is in with us that gets nibbled at the corners! Food wise she doesn’t like carrot or apple but prefers to pick out her biscuits from the food bowl and leave the rest

Out of the whole family she seems to prefer Phe.
Yeah Phe loves Fudge and it is her responsibility to fill up her food bowl and water (with help from mummy!) every morning as it is meant to be her rabbit – Corey is very loud and just loves chasing Fudge

Her favourite place in the house is under the computer table, in the living room.
Yes she is sat there now as I’m typing this up!

When asked what she thought of Harvey (my cat who visits her most days) she confirmed they are friends. The black cat that visits is more threatening though.
I totally agree!!
GB Notes: When Harvey took up his usual spot ontop of Fudge's hutch she got more animated and started to run around her hutch, stopping every so often to stand on her back legs and stretch up to Harvey, he also laid down and tried to stretch his paws to her. She did'nt seem scared ie hiding in the other part of her hutch that Harvey can't see into. They both seemed genuinely happy to be around one another - very sweet!

When asked if she likes cuddles she confirmed that she does but on her terms.
Yes this is true!

When asked why she turns her toilet area up I got the impression back that she’s quite particular and would like her hutch cleaned out more often. She spends quite a bit of time in her hutch so she doesn’t want it to be dirty.
I clean her hutch out once a week but have told her I will clean it out twice a week and see if she is happier with that in a few weeks time

She doesn’t seem to like toys, she prefers making her own fun. When I pictured her with another rabbit and asked her if she’d like a play mate I got the impression they’d have fun together so something to think about. We bought her some toys which she never bothers about – she prefers to run around her hutch – in terms of another rabbit – we might consider this when we can afford a bigger hutch and a new playmate!! Maybe we could try a mirror!!!

When I asked her if there was anything that would make her happier she showed me an image of someone grooming her with a soft brush. At that point Harvey joined us all. She also gave me the impression she’d like a long run so she can be outside in the elements but safe and have more space to move around. Finally the demanding little rabbit asked for a bigger hutch!
My husband said he will make her one at the weekend – typical female – all want want want!!

I asked Fudge if she’d use a litter tray if there was one placed under the computer table and I got an image of her using it so fingers crossed!
I have just placed her litter tray under the table and she did her business right next to it – so I’ve moved it to where she just went and am awaiting the results!!!

She feels safe in her hutch as it’s her space and she feels loved and content living with the Gammond family.

Mandy has agreed to make a run for her, clean her out twice a week instead of once a week & put a litter tray under the computer table where she tends to ‘go’ when in the house. Mandy’s going to try this for a month & then we’ll chat again.

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