Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Quit the 9-5 & everything's falling into place!

Hi everyone,

Last Wednesday I finally did it, I quit the job that no longer fulfills me. It felt so good, I recommend it to anyone that's just staying in their job out of fear - fear of being skint!

Since then everything's moving in the right direction & falling into place. It's amazing how everything goes the right way when you let go of the things blocking you.

I leave at the end of 2010 & will be working with my lovely friends Dawn & Bridget at their Crystal shops 'Zenith' in Leominster & Ludlow (due to open in Nov), I'll also be setting up Pets Tails the business at the end of 2010/ beginning of 2011 & will be working from home setting it up & taking on clients.

I'm so looking forward to my new lifestyle (I'm not calling it a job as it won't be)!

Another reason I'm so upbeat is because I start the first half of my Animal Communication Practitioners Course this weekend & am looking forward to meeting lots of like minded people & having a laugh. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Back to my rubbish job (for now)! :)

Love Gem x

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