Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Smudge's Tail - Now in Spirit

I communicated with Smudge, our friends lovely 18 year old cat back in June this year. She was the first animal that I have ever had a 'face to face' communication with and initially I wasn't too confident with how the communication went. During the communication she snuggled up to me and seemed to love the attention. She communicated that she was feeling tired and a bit achey these days, she was a bit sore around the back legs and sometimes felt sick when she ate. She seemed to be happy although tired but not ready to pass. I felt instinctively at the end of the communication I had to tell her that when she was ready to pass over and wanted to communicate this to her owners Jamie and Libby to send me a sign.

Libby later told me that the information Smudge had given us about feeling sick when eating had helped the vet diagnose an illness a few weeks later and she was put on medication. I felt that the communication hadn't been a failure as I'd first thought and I was really pleased that it came in useful.

A week or so ago and my other half gets a text from Libby saying that Smudge was due to be put to sleep the next day and could I communicate with her as Libby felt she had something to tell her. I tuned in with Smudge's energy and it was very weak, she was ready to pass and wanted Libby to know how much she'd loved her long life with her, but it was time to leave. Libby was obviously very upset and Smudge was too, but she told me to tell Libby that very soon after her passing Libby would feel her presence on the bed. Smudge wanted to make it very clear to Libby that she wouldn't be there in body anymore but her spirit would always be with her. I felt very sad for Libby having had 5 cats pass over in my lifetime but I didn't feel sad for Smudge as her spirit was ready to leave her tired body.

A few days after Smudge passed over I received a text from Libby saying that Smudge had visited her after her passing and she thanked me for helping and making the grief a bit easier to bare.

I'd like to thank Libby, Jamie and Smudge. Smudge was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul and Libby was very fortunate to have her in her life from a kitten. This experience has confirmed to me how amazing Animal Communication is. We can help animals in their life but can also be a big help to them and their owners when they pass, and even afterwards when they're in Spirit. It was a real priviledge to help Smudge and her owners at this very important time in her life.

RIP Smudge xx

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