Monday, 11 October 2010

Trevor's Tail

Trevor lives with my Reiki Master and so I have met him on two occasions. He’s an old boy and his owner Jen just wanted to make sure he was happy, and to see if there was any more they could do to make him comfortable. Trevor lives inside and is restricted to a certain area as he can no longer control his bowels. Jen is grooming him for short periods of time and also wanted to see if there was a way of making this experience more pleasant for him.

Trevor simply requested to be taken outside the front once a day to get some fresh air, see what’s going on and spend some time with Jen. He didn’t seem keen on the grooming but we came to a deal that he will get his ‘treat’ of going outside once he’s groomed. Jen was just to say Treat Time to indicate when he was due his daily treat.
Trevor and I have settled into our routine. He takes no notice of me saying Treat Time so it’s become a case of grabbing him at the appropriate moment. Weather so far has been kind to us but he definitely is enjoying sitting outside - may I add as far away from me as possible - so much for the shared time! However I do sit with him or keep an eye on him while he has basked in the sun. 
Trevor is like the naughty child. He has never enjoyed being outside before, only going out as far as the doorstep so makes me look mean by going out and enjoying it! I don't mind though I'm glad he has something he wanted to do and is finally doing it.

21/10/10 - Further feedback:

Trevor by the way has found himself a nice routine outside, he has on odd occasion come to me for a fuss or even a grooming.  Generally if the sun is shining he will find a sunny spot and go to sleep while I look out for neighbours that are likely to stand on him!  lucky for him (and me) there is no loose cats or dogs in the neighborhood.  Now of course the weather is getting much colder and I will start to feel I'm letting him down if we don't go out.  By the way, going out with him is also good for me as I tend to sit with a cuppa and stare into space for as long the weather is bearable.
Many thanks for your help Gemma it is much appreciated.

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