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Client testimonial - Catherine, Sam, Lance & Mouse

Sam & Catherine

Catherine asked me to communicate with her two horses Sam & Lance when I met her at a Pet Day at Bromyard's Countrywide store. We have become good friends & I was later asked to communicate with her beautiful little dog Mouse following her sudden death.

Here's Catherine's testimonial following the communications.

Gemma came out to visit my two horses last Spring. I had recently moved one horse home and acquired a companion horse. Both had marvellous, but very different characters - one Mr Personality but quite unconfident the other an introvert quite a headshy and closed down chap. With careful management over time they were introduced and eventually turned out together - although for months neither seemed particularly 'accepting' of the other. No obvious bond was formed and they kept very much to themselves grazing separately.

Gemma quietly communicated during the afternoon - my 'introvert' had very much the most to say!! Proving to be such a wise old chap - truly a blessing that he has come to me. Gemma introduced me to the concept of becoming 'present' with an animal - a state in which with no ambiguity you share their space, concentrating on your breathing. This proved to be such an illuminating experience. Having spent all my life around horses I felt my 'boys' were happy but so heart-warming to hear that from them!!

Incidentally - whether coincidence or not (we horsy people can be rather pragmatic) I have to mention that these two horses became totally pair bonded. Grooming each other from the next morning onwards, grazed side by side and were happy to be lead together to and from the field quietly and with no tension between them. I very much like to think that we all three came to an understanding that afternoon. They knew someone was listening to their needs, we all gained mutual acceptance and a new harmony.

Tragically a year on from this experience we lost one of our four dogs in a tragic accident. Animal lovers will know and connect with the intense pain the loss of a much loved pet causes made more raw when this is sudden and unexpected. We grieved as a family and a couple of weeks afterwards I contacted Gemma again. Gemma had met all my animals on her previous visit - she was aware of our much beloved dog. For a very small creature she made a very big impression! Gemma explained how spiritually she believes animals see their existence - so much more grounded calm acceptance than us human beings. She told me that my dog would always be with me 'in spirit' and that she would send me a sign whenever she knew I was low. That sign would be a star. Well through floods of tears I then had to explain to Gemma that on the night she died as my husband and I were in the orchard that evening we both looked up to see a shooting star flash across the brightest night sky. And that two days following her death as I looked at her empty basket and drove to work feeling very sad I turned on the radio and the song playing mentioned 'stars' so often and so profoundly I had to wonder!! Whatever our beliefs happen to be all I can say is how deeply moving and comforting I found Gemma’s advice and support to be.


The consultation with Sam & Lance was carried out at Catherine's home, the communication Mouse was carried out over the phone using the above photo of Mouse to communicate with her. I can communicate with animals alive and in Spirit.

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