Sunday, 12 August 2012

Client testimonial - Rose & Rupert

Rose contacted me about her latest addition Rupert, as I had helped her other pets some time ago. She told me how Rupert was a lovely boy but uses their furniture (and them) as a scratching post at every opportunity.

Here's Rose's testimonial following one phone consultation:

Rupert was causing us problems by how much he liked to claw things especially our best sofas and carpets.  We asked Genma to talk to him to try and find out why he did it and what we could do to prevent it, since providing a scratching post wasn’t working.  When she spoke with him, Gemma understood that the clawing was a sign of his kittenish exhuberance and that he was just so excited to be indoors with us.  On our behalf Gemma explained that we loved him very much but would prefer it if he didn’t wreck the furniture.  He suggested that we put a log near the doors to the outside so he could use them instead.  This we have done and the scratching has been significantly reduced – except when it’s raining and he still gets so excited to come in – but I think Gemma will have a word with him about tbat too!  If there are any typing errors in this it’s Ruperts fault as he as twiced jumped on the keyboard – I think he wants to say  hallo to Gemma.


This consultation was carried out over the phone, I communicated with Rupert using the photo above.

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