Sunday, 29 July 2012

Client testimonial - Bridget, Millie & Maisie

Bridget asked me to communicate with her two dogs Millie & Maisie to simply find out how they were and if there was anything she could do to improve their lives.

Here's Bridget's testimonial following the face to face consultation:

Gemma is extremely professional in her all aspects of her business life. Gemma's expertise in communicating with animals is second to none, she puts both owner and pet at their ease and is very empathetic with both. I would use Gemma's services again as it allowed me to understand my dogs so we could move our owner/ pet relationship on in a more grounded positive way.


This consultation was carried out face to face in Bridget's home. You don't have to have a problem to book a consultation with me, you can ask or tell your pet anything during a consultation... it's like a conversation between you & your pet with me acting as interpreter/ translator.

To book a consultation for you & your beloved pet click here.

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