Sunday, 29 July 2012

Client testimonial - Pepe & Christine

I met Christine at a Mind, Body & Spirit fair in Whitchurch, Shropshire. I was doing a talk at the fair & in my talks I ask people for photos of their pets to do a demo communication. As Christine had the gorgeous Pepe with her I asked her if he could be my demo pet, this was the first live demo I'd done with a real live animal as I'd only ever used photos so I am so glad Pepe was a clear communicator.

Here's Christine's testimonial following the live demo consultation:

For most of the events I attend I normally have my dog Pepe with me. On this particular event, run by Liz Walmsley, Gemma was also there promoting her animal communication. In her half hour talk at this event, my dog Pepe became one of her demo/clients. Gemma took a few minutes to connect with Pepe then started to tell me things that only Pepe would know. I found what she had to say really interesting as Gemma had not met me, or Pepe prior to this event. Gemma was honest and friendly in her aproach. She was easy to talk to and Pepe relaxed really well around her.


This consultation was carried out face to face as part of a live demo. You don't have to have a problem to book a consultation with me, you can ask or tell your pet anything during a consultation... it's like a conversation between you & your pet with me acting as interpreter/ translator.

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