Sunday, 29 July 2012

Client testimonial - Megan & Sue

Sue contacted me as Megan's brother, Sparky, died in the March & she was suffering from grief. She wanted me to communicate with Megan & see if there was any way we could help her.

Here's Sue's testimonial following one Skype consultation:

Gemma's ability to communicate with animals was evident through the information our cat passed on to her. Information that only a member of our family, in that I include our cats, could have known. Gemma also has an easy empathy with humans who live with animals.


This consultation was carried out over Skype, I communicated with Megan using the photo above. You don't have to have a problem to book a consultation with me, you can ask or tell your pet anything during a consultation... it's like a conversation between you & your pet with me acting as interpreter/ translator.

To book a consultation for you & your beloved pet click here.

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