Monday, 22 November 2010

Animal Communication Practitioners Course - Final weekend

Posh room!!
Well that's it, the final weekend of my Practitioners course done! Saturday was an emotional day as we covered the subject of deceased animals, it brought up a lot of guilt I still held for having my beloved Teddy put to sleep, so I tested out the process for grief first hand & it was amazing.

Sunday we covered Lost Animals, again a tough subject & we all tried to help track down a lost cat. It's such a tricky subject but an avenue worth looking down.

The weekend was lovely, it was great to catch up with everyone & listen to their experiences over the last month. Again we had some lovely food & the rooms were gorgeous (as you can see).

I'm now ready to book in my 4 Professional case studies with a Vet, Behavourist, Trainer & Welfare. I'm looking forward to these so am going to book them straight away.

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