Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Case Studies 8 & 9 - Bridget, Millie & Maisie

The communication (Millie):

Millie came through as a little madam, the Boss but loveable & funny. A little scamp was her way of describing herself! She informed me that she liked "snuggle time", she loved the postman (it turns out she hates him - must be her sense of humour)! She also told me she loved Bridget's friend Mark.
With Millie I worked on the emotional block she has - this stems from a death in the family some time ago. She also feels she has to protect Bridget. Bridget informed me that throughout the communication Millie was calm & didn't attack Maisie which she normally would do, even when Bridget fussed Maisie. Millie gave me an image of her & Maisie cuddled up as if this is something that WILL happen in the future!

Bridget's feedback (Millie):

Gemma accurately described Millie's personality, she also picked up words that I used with Millie and her fave man, and also her fear of being left that had resulted from a death in the family. She picked Millie's behaviour problems. She also picked up that Millie was over protective of me.
I felt that Gemma was empathetic and has a real understanding of Millie. Millie at first was uncomfortable with the communication but she gained Millie's confidence. When Millie had had enough she left the room. Gemma was excellent at communicating with me and explaining what was happening. I found Gemma very professional in her manner and I enjoyed the communication.

The communication (Maisie):

Maisie came through as shy, often left on the side lines, has a gentle nature & is very forgiving. She sees herself as Bridget's soul mate & companion. She realises that she's nervous and needs to work on this. She gave me an image of leaping on Bridget as if this is a regular thing. She also stated she likes bees & honey!
I helped her to release her nervous feelings and at this point Bridget informed me that Maisie rolled onto her back! Something she's not done for Bridget for 3 years. Maisie also gave me an image of lying side by side with Millie, when this happens it will mark the start of a new era for them both. Maisie feels she's here to teach Millie & she will!

Bridget's feedback (Maisie):

Gemma tuned into Maisie and found that Maisie was trying to block communication and that she was difficult to read, which accurately describes how Maisie is. She started to trust Gemma but would only let Gemma read so much. Gemma described Maisie's fear of life and how difficult she finds accepting anything new or changes. Maisie is overpowered emotionally by Millie but she has developed coping strategies. I felt Gemma was spot on with her communication with Maisie. Gemma was very professional throughout and she explained about the communication well. Gemma is an excellent communicator with humans and animals a like. I would not hesitate to use her services again.

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