Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Case Study 1 - Jay & Jack

The communication:

Jay just wanted to know that Jack was happy and settled into the family. He came through as being a little tyrant, boisterous, fun, lively & a live wire. He likened himself to a lamb springing around. He showed me a few things like how he likes to hang off the bottom of Jay's trousers and how he can jump on all 4's!
Jack & Jay are very connected, this was clear. He indicated that he found her & that he was a gift from a family member in Spirit. Although Jack is a live wire he also made it clear he's happy to do what Jay says as she knows best. Jay worries about him being caught by dogs but he let me know that he outsmarts them & can out run them. He also loves Daisy & sees her & Jay as his 2 Mums.

Jack was an absolute delight to communicate with. Thank you Jay & Jack.

Jay's feedback:

Gemma completely accurately described my fur-baby, Jack. She said he said he was a little tyrant! He is! She also gave specific information about his little quirks and some information about my husband's father who passed some years ago.
Gemma called at the agreed time and from the word 'go', we connected. Both of us had the 'tingles' as we were talking and I find Gemma to be a very warm, empathic lady and I have no doubt that her Animal Communication skills will take her to great heights if she so wishes. 
Human to human Brilliant! That was what made it special. I have had communications with one other Animal Communicators a few years ago, and it was not the same at all. Gemma's communication was seamless.

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